Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day

1/1/11  :D

New day, new month, new year.  This past week has been one of the best of the year, I haven't stopped smiling.  2010 was great but I'm excited to see what happens this year.  Lots of things seem to be clicking into place all of a sudden, it's one of those times when everything is so perfect, you're almost waiting for that rain cloud to appear.  We'll deal with that when it happens and until then, enjoy the sun. 

A Round of Words in 80 Days begins on Monday and I am rearing to go, partly because I suddenly have a deadline.  I haven't stopped thinking about the story - I've been mentally working out scenes and ways to link various threads so at least I'll have a place to start on the first day.  I should organise my folders and get a new ink cartridge for my printer so I can print out all of my info sheets because I'll be working on a sequel and having printouts always makes it easier to check back on the details.  Getting  myself organised is one of those unspoken annual resolutions that never quite happen - I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by lots of messy crap.

My reading challenge starts today.  I am reading Have Gun, Will Play on my ereader, On Promised Land on Kindle for PC and Accidental Demon Slayer on my android.  Plenty of options depending on what mood I'm in and how I want to read.  I've always said I could never read a book on a phone but it's quite nice.  I'm a little fed up of reading on my laptop and my Sony needs to be charged every five minutes so I've been mostly using my android lately. 

Other things I need to do this year:

  • Hang up a calender in the hopes I keep track of at least one appointment in 2011.
  • Sort out my daughter's birth cert (long story).
  • Get an eye exam - my eyesight generally gets weak when I have a baby then sorts itself out again but this time it doesn't seem to be improving so I think I might need glasses.  I hate even wearing sunglasses so that won't be fun.
  • Sort out the house *sigh*  So much wrong with the place, it would be easier to move.
  • Get fit.  I don't want to lose weight, I just need to not die whenever I walk up to the top floor of our house.  We've two flights of stairs, you would think I'd be used to it by now.
  • Teach one of twins to wear his own clothes and not everyone else's, at least not all at the same time.
  • Something secret.  :D  Can't tell or it wouldn't be a secret.  Good secret though.
  • Stay out of the path of gobshites.
Lofty goals, as always.  Claire of the grand plans.  Have a good year, world.  Now I'm off to start on my reading challenge.  Fifteen minutes a day, here I come.  For I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.


  1. LOL! I have huge goals too and like it that way. I printed out my calender Thursday and have time tracker sheets to see how I'm spending my time in January. That should be fun...not!

  2. Time tracker sheets sound spiffy, actually. The kind of thing I would use enthusiastically for two days, forget about, find six months later and lament the loss of a good idea.

    Usually, in January, I set up an excel spreadsheet detailing daily routines and other boring things (I really enjoy spreadsheets) but I never manage to actually use them. :D

  3. I hear ya and get this. I've never worked more than six straight days on a novel before. That I signed up for a challenge where I have to do something every day for eighty days? Insanity.

  4. This year will be different! If you slack, I'll kick your arse into gear - I'm good that way. :P

    I think the whole ROW80 hash tag on twitter will help. During NaNo, the people who kept posting their crazy wordcounts made me desperate to catch up. :)


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