Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Is The End. My Only Friend, The End

Nearly there now.  Almost over.  Crazy year indeed.  I feel like I've wasted a lot of time this year but when I think about it - a lot happened.  I can't talk about everything but here's a summary.

Things that changed in 2010:

DTP finally welcomed the world outside the U.S. with open arms.  Back in January, I had no idea I would publish ebooks.  Absolutely none.  I'm not entirely sure where the idea sprang from, only that it began as an experiment.  In March, I published a collection of dark flash fiction and have been astounded at the reactions to it.  Most of the reviews are either 5 or 1 star and the collection has sold way more than I ever expected (mostly because of some cool people on Kindleboards and the Amazon forums who decided to take a chance on a newbie and even recommend her to a friend).  Some wondered what kind of evil person could write such stories but today, those stories were mentioned on Red Adept's Annual Indie Awards.  Not bad for an unknown Irish girl who went into this not having a plan - or a clue. 

I've learned a lot.  More than I could have ever imagined.  More than I would have if I decided 2010 would be the year of the query rather than the year of the indie.  It has been worth it just for the learning process.  I has new skillz.  This year was an experiment but it's been so much fun, so encouraging, that I'm not stopping yet. I'll never be the kind of writer who gets fan mail and earns frequent cheques but I'll be a crazy happy one and that's good enough for me. 

I've made friends and enemies.  This makes me laugh, actually.  When I say I've made friends, it's more of the distant kind - I'm not exactly chummy by nature.  Sadly, some of the people I've liked the best have disappeared for a while.  I hope they (PW/B, I'm looking you) return soon because they made me feel . . . welcome, even when some fellow writers were a bit shitty.  They made me feel like I wasn't going mad when it seemed like I was the only one going against the tide.  They were lovely to me despite me being a new indie in a place indies behaved badly.  I've made (and this sound ridiculous) enemies because I've been open about my opinions on certain behaviours that I think are, well, fuckwittery.  I still do but I'm less likely to go on about it.  I'll just look down from my high moral ground and watch people take all the rope they need.  :P *Bad Claire, Bad!*

I had a baby.  Again.  Last baby.  Sad times.  She's five months now and humongous.  She never seemed like a newborn.  Keeping a writing routine going has been hard this year but it's been worth trying.  The biggest change is that my family feels complete.  I'm sad I won't have another newborn but, for many reasons, we're done.  Really hope I'm not jinxing myself here.  :D  My older daughter started playschool, my eldest no longer needs speech therapy & physio and the twins started walking, talking and causing mayhem this year.  The baby seems to have brought something new out of my other children - they all love her and are getting along pretty well.  Harmony is difficult for a family of seven but in 2010, we seem to have cracked it.  So, family hasn't suffered this year, despite my writing insanity.

Things that haven't changed in 2010:

I still love books, music and writing.  Obsessively so, sometimes.  Purple is still my favourite shade of nail varnish but this year I favoured a purple grey so maybe I'm maturing.  ;)  Still obsessed with eyeliner.  Lush still make my favourite bubbles and shampoo.  Inis is still my favourite perfume.  I'm still broke.  I still can't walk in heels.  I'm still phobic and anxious and have a great hatred/fear of clowns and bellybuttons.

People still take me too seriously, especially when I'm joking, which makes it all the funnier.  I'm still a wind-up merchant, still childish - I live in a house where farting is side-splittingly funny so give me a break, they all think I'm a dry shite.  I still swear like a . . . Dub.  :D

Family is still the most important thing to me.  Always will be.  The End.

2010 hasn't been a good year for most people I know so I'm hoping that, next year, they find the same level of optimism and excitement I'm barely containing right now.  Seriously, 2010 was pretty rocking, all things considered.  Here's to 2011 - go on, top 2010, I double-dog-dare ya.


  1. Congratulations - on everything: the new baby, the award from Red Adept, the mad publishing adventure... I can't believe you manage to write and bring up such a large family.

    Here's to a brilliant 2011.

  2. Aargh, can't even comment on my own blog! I forget what I was trying to say so thanks, Helen, I think we'll all do okay next year. :)

  3. Congrats on all your successes this year and good luck for 2010!
    We're done having kids too, but my sister is due with her first in February so I get to satisfy my newborn fix with my niece! :)

  4. Successes is going a tad far. LOL.

    There are five siblings between my OH and myself but none of them have any interest in babies. I'm counting on my teenage brother to change his mind in about ten or fifteen years. :D

  5. It was a great year and I hope 2011 is even better for us :)


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