Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You

Last check-in I took the comments on board and decided to take Sunday night off.  On Monday I ran away from work until that evening when I printed out everything.  While that was going, I jotted down a few things I wanted to adjust in the story and came up with a new idea that doesn't solve all my problems but gave me enough of a boost to start enjoying what I'm doing.  Still haven't gotten that big breakthrough but after reading all your comments, I'm happier about it so thank you.  I've stopped tormenting myself about it, it'll happen when I'm ready for it.  *Please don't require a major rewrite*

I'm going through all of the chapters I'm keeping and noting little additions and cuts I need to make for the whole manuscript to make sense then I'll be going through the 40k or so I cut and marking out the things I want/need to keep before I rewrite the end.  I've gotten through seven chapters so far and am feeling good about it.  If I work hard then I'll be finished with it soon - really hard and I'll be finished this round of edits/rewriting by February.  I've also come up with a few ideas for the sequel, not sure if that's a good thing or not.  :D

I would absolutely love to finish Verity this year - it takes up so much of my time, it's ridiculous.  I can't work on anything else for long because it starts bugging me again.  I'm still thinking about Taunt though, so it's not a total loss.  There's a little twist I've been thinking about and wondering is it time for plus I've been getting to know one of my more unpredictable characters, always fun.  The fae novel has been springing up a bit too again - I wish I didn't need to sleep.  :)

So updates are, I kinda plotted and I've edited seven chapters with the new plot in mind. 

I know I keep changing my goals but bloody hell, I didn't expect to change my mind about Verity this many times.  ;)  My mood has improved bucketloads, sorry for the whininess last check-in!  I would have chucked it all in if it wasn't for ROW80 so again, thank ye very much.

New goals:

  • Get latest version of Verity out of the way so I can get back to Taunt. 
  • Stop sitting around doing nothing when things aren't going like I planned.
  • Visit more of my fellow ROW80ers than I did last week.
  • Remember it's still only January - this round isn't nearly over so we've lots of time to crack on.
Check out everyone else's progress here.


  1. This reads like progress to me. You would know far better than I, but it sounds to me as if you're immersed in the creative process, which necessitates much in the way of change. I would only say embrace that change - you will succeed!

  2. Sounds like you're making a lot of progress, even if it might not feel like it. Often once you come at a problem from a different angle, you see opportunities that weren't there before :) *hopes for something similar to happen in my writing*

  3. Sounds like you are on the right path. Keep it up!

    I hate when project ideas compete, both wanting attention NOW. Heh heh. I guess there are worse problems in life, but nevertheless it is still frustrating. :)

  4. I know the feeling. I have another WIP that sits in the back of my mind, knocking and wanting my attention. Trying to be single focused is hard sometimes. Sounds like you are making progress though.

  5. Just. Keep. Going. You're doing much better than fine. Good job losing the down mood from last week - I doubt you are the only one who struggled with that! See you Sunday!

  6. Glad the blahs were short lived. And change you're goals all you want, your fellow ROW80ers only want you to succeed!

  7. Thanks Ben, I hope you're right! :)

    Rebecca, I think I just needed to let go of some of the extraneous storylines and think outside the box for a bit. I got married to the manuscript too much, I think. It'll happen for you, don't worry - crazy inspiration comes at the oddest times.

    LOL Jessica, I know, I shouldn't complain - if that's my biggest problem then it's all gravy.

    Robin, if you ever figure out how to shut the other ideas up, then please let me know. ;)

    Thanks a million, Shari - I appreciate your comments, you're super supportive.

    I'm glad too, Andrew - I really hate spending time with me when I'm all meh. :D

  8. I'm glad you're feeling better about things this week, Claire! Isn't ROW80 great? It so wonderfully keeps us motivated, inspired, hopeful, and accountable.

    As far as shutting up the other WIPs so the one you're working on has all the attention...yeah, I have no idea how to do that, haha. We can try to primarily focus on one thing at a time, but sometimes our brains just don't work like that! I think it's probably quite beneficial, actually, to keep your brain active by dabbling in multiple projects (while keeping your main attention on one or maybe two projects). It's kinda like how they tell you to vary your routine when you exercise, so your muscles don't get stagnant. Same idea!

    Also, if you figure out a way to get rid of the necessity for sleep, please let me know? ;)

  9. {{{BIG HUG}}}

    You are doing wonderful. I am so happy for you. Your post has given me a boost of energy. :)

  10. Oh, weird - I thought I commented already.

    Claire, I'm so glad I took part. I hope you all are around for the next round. That's a good point actually, maybe I should just let my brain do what it wants for a change. ;) If I figure out how to get rid of the need for sleep then I will become a gajillionaire.

    Thanks Judith, you're always the one keeping the rest of us going. :)


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