Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So It Goes

What's happened since the last ROW80 check-in?

Six members of my household are sick now so no school.  Again.  Last time I said I was editing Verity in full before I returned to Taunt.  Yeah, well, not really. 

I got to the half way point and felt like there was too much going in the second half but not enough excitement.  I talked it out with my OH - by that I mean I spoke to him in incomplete sentences and he nodded, pretended he understood and thought about Arsenal/World of Warcraft/how many minutes until bedtime. 

I realised the pacing would probably be better if the big fight at the end came in the middle instead as part of the big reveal and I stopped trying to squeeze a series worth of minor story arcs into one book.  After some more rambling in sentences that I never managed to finish I had a better idea, one so awesome it requires an almost total rewrite of the second half of the book and a purge of certain plotlines.  *Screams soundlessly*

So.  Changing my goals.  Instead of editing Verity (I. Was. So. Close.) I will need to rewrite the second half and probably do a bit of an outline to tidy up major and minor plot points.  Part of me can't bear the idea but my dominant half is excited so it all works out.  ;)  Also, I'll need to use the new stuff to fit in with book 2 so I want to jot down the ideas I've been getting for that. 

I should really be concentrating on Taunt - since I'll be epublishing it - but I'm too stubborn to let Verity go.  If I die and that book isn't finished, I'm going to be really pissed.  By the next check-in, I would like to have a clear path to the end of Verity - even if it's just an outline.  I'm not being ambitious considering how much "but it's my turn to sit beside Mammy" is going on.  Oh, and by February all of this mind-changing better be done, okay self?

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  • I edited like ten chapters but it might not count in the end.
  • I haz a new plan. 
P.S. (Just 'cos these amuse me).

Take the last two digits of the year you were born plus the age you will be this year.

Answer: 111


  1. Wow! That's amazing...that little number game, I mean.

    Plus your progress, in spite of obstacles along the way.

    Hope you get to where you want to be....

  2. Hey there - you are quite ambitious and dedicated - I only have two little ones at home (and thankfully no tummy upsets this week) and finding time for dedicated writing is either daunting or guilt inducing. I think I may have to follow your blog, I find you Quite Inspiring!

    Have a good writing week, thanks again for the encouragement :-)


  3. Hey Laurel, it's cool, right? :D Thanks and same to you!

    Thanks Shari, what a lovely comment! Same to you. :)

  4. Well, you know my philosophy. Go with what's working for you at the moment. What lights your fire. It's the only way I can work. Now about those sick kids, I can't believe you are able to post anything right now. You are Wonder Woman in my book!

  5. Hope the kids are better soon. Overhauling a plot can be frustrating but it shows you're open to knowing what is and isn't working and how to improve.

  6. We think alike lady-I don't know how many times I've thought "If I die and this isn't finished, I'm going to be so pissed." :) It is an interesting motivator. ha!
    Ack. Sorry about all the sick littles, hopefully they are all better by week's end.

  7. What great progress! I'm jealous. Definitely inspiring me to get my butt in gear.

  8. Wow, amazing with everyone being sick, but they were sleeping most of the time... Right. Your conversation with your oh sounds like the ones I have with mine. Lots of head nodding. Sounds like you are making great progress.

  9. Sorry about the rewrite, it's work, but I can tell you are excited! Sorry about the little yous being sick. Still. Verity will happen!

    Have a great day!

  10. Hope everyone feels better! A rewrite is never fun, but at least you figured out what was bothering you. Just imagine how much you'll love it once it's done!

  11. :) I picked up a copy of Thirst today!

  12. Thanks all for the comments, sorry I probably haven't visited everyone, haven't been feeling it this week.

    I am excited about this change but I'm also back to working this out so my brain is on overdrive right now. :)

    (And thanks MamaElk!)


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