Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let It Be


Mac have a Wonder Woman collection coming out.  Take that Barbie.  I love Wonder Woman, it might not be out over here until March which coincides with not just the end of ROW80 *reward!* but also my birthday.  Hi, Mister Farrell.  ;)  You can tell I really love all things Wonder Woman because I used bold and italics.

My 6 month old keeps making strange with me.  WTF?  Everytime I get out of the bath, she puts on a sad lip and won't feed.  I know I take my time in the bath but I'm not gone that long.

Kids are all okay, thanks for asking.  Except for the boldness, dear god, the boldness.  They're all looking forward to getting away from each other.  Even my sensible kid had a meltdown this week because his sister was singing in her own room and he couldn't concentrate so his lego fell apart.  Um, yeah, roll on school.

Not feeling very social this week so I'll do my blog rounds later.  Serious case of the blahs this week, mostly down to the following paragraph.  Goddamnit.

ROW80 Update:  Since Wednesday, I've basically been trying not to let my head explode.  Need to figure out how new second half of Verity fits in with end of Verity - finding it hard to write while I'm thinking so hard.  I feel like something obvious is just. right. there. but no, can't find it.

I've been plotting and have gotten roughly 5k worth of new chapters written so weekly challenges done.

Rest of the challengers are here:


  1. It's amazing that you're still making progress with all that going. Although, it sounds like you need a break. Sometimes switching off from a story is the best way to figure out a solution.

  2. Well done on still writing. Have you got someone that you could talk/write your connecting problem out with? It always helps me...

  3. I know a mom who homeschools five kids. I want to tell her there's this magical place called school and most kids actually like it there but I never do. I'm glad your little ones are on the mend.
    I'm going through something similar with my WIP. It's 3 am here and I just hacked out my wc. I had to stop everything and go back to some basic freewriting exercises I used to make my students do. Don't think I'll be able to use much, but it helped me figure out some kinks. Like maybe it's hard to write about a cancer survivor if I ignore how I feel about my mom being one. Ignoring what I know @ character's issues blocks character development. That kind of thing. -V

  4. You are simply amazing. No way I could have thought about ROW80 this week with all that you've had going on. You are WONDER WOMAN!

  5. When my L was a baby she would be sad when I took a bath. Then I started taking her in the bathroom with me (in her stroller). I'd sing and play with her and the bubbles and we both ended up happier and less stressed.

    I'm sure you'll figure out Verity. Just a matter of time. :)

  6. I am also crazy for Wonder Woman! :)

    It sounds to me like you're doing just fine. I took two days off from writing this week and it really helped clear my brain. I mean, I tried to not even think about it. Perhaps a break would do you some good? And once the children go back to school-a little more quiet(er) time?

  7. Judith, best comment ever. ;)

    Thanks all, I'm over-thinking it at this stage and usually I take the weekends off so maybe that isn't helping - even freewriting isn't working. I'm probably going back to Taunt next week anyway so we'll see how it goes - knowing me I'll figure out Verity when I'm supposed to be working on Taunt. :D

    I'm feeling good about it all, it's just kind of frustrating when you can't figure something out. I'm pretty stubborn about sticking with it until it's done but I need to learn to let it go sometimes.

    Cathrym, my bubba isn't sad when I go for the bath - she's sad when I get out. LOL. Maybe she doesn't like the smell of my shower gel or something. ;)

    Again, thanks for the comments and tips!

  8. The blahs, that sucks. You feel down, but you don't know why. This might cheer you up.

  9. That did cheer me up, actually - thanks Andrew! I can't think of anyone who could replace Wonder Woman, aside from me, of course. :P Even if it's not good, I'll still watch it. I love superheroes but Wonder Woman was my role model growing up. :D

    *Shutting up now*

  10. You'll get it, Claire. Sometimes we just get frustrated with our WIP's. But it will eventually work itself out in your head. Just don't give up on it. You're doing fine.

  11. Thanks Lauralynn, this one in particular is one I've worked on a number of times over the past few years. I wrote it back when I didn't have much of a clue so fixing it has been a bit of an effort. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully give up on it because I love the characters so much but it might never see the light of day. :) I have made a lot of progress on it this year and this week I've cut roughly 40k so it needs a lot of adjustment now again. I'm hoping I work it out this year. ;)

  12. Okay, so...I have to know...why do you avoid the name branding thing? :)

  13. Mostly because I'm not good at that kind of thing. LOL. I just want to write, the business side of things is very off-putting to me. Maybe I'm weird, but I don't like the idea of being a brand. It kind of makes me feel like I would have to stick to a certain formula or genre and be predictable so people know what they're getting. I'm too flighty to be that reliable. :)

    I honestly don't have a good reason for it - it just seems like yet another thing to worry about when I could be writing. I'm not that memorable anyway, I don't think branding would make that much difference. :D

    I know everyone says you have to have a brand and a platform and all that but to be honest, I am so sick of being told what I should do. The same things aren't going to work for all of us so I just do whatever makes me feel comfortable.

  14. It is so easy to feel down on your self during the middle of winter. You are amazing to be able to find any time to write with your children around.
    I can barely remember when my own children were that young. But I do remember how demanding they could be.
    Wonder Woman, 5k is a job well done.

  15. Good on you for meeting your weekly challenges! I find it helpful to take a walk or do chores (ha ha!) when I'm plotting - keeps my hands busy while my mind can while away, travelling down the paths of a scene and seeing what happens...

  16. I am feeling like QUITE the underachiever here, with my healing foot, miserly TWO kids, stay at home status, and loving and supportive hubby. So, you may be in the blahs, but holy cow am I - yet again - inspired!

    My daughter (3) has come down with a heck of a fever, so my writing will work around a few obstacles for the next few days. But I don't want to lose momentum either.....thanks to you, Claire, for helping me stay motivated!

  17. Linda, thanks for that - your comment helped me cop on. LOL.

    Deniz, yep, I think that would probably help me too. I usually plot before I fall asleep but lately I've been conking out before I can even start.

    Shari, two kids are definitely not miserly! I have it easier because all of mine entertain each other. If two kids aren't getting along they can just play with their other siblings. Sorted. ;) Ugh @ the fever, hope she feels better soon!


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