Sunday, January 16, 2011

Check-In Time

Funny sort of week.  After reading everyone's comments and posts after the last check-in, I started thinking and realised I was looking for the perfect time to write.  Except there is no perfect time so I was wasting reasonably worthwhile chunks of time instead. I'm at a messy stage right now, think laptop and mounds of paper and notes spread all around me in a humongous circle, so I've been waiting until I'm alone to write.  I realised that was silly and sat down with a pen and paper to write down a couple of notes (amongst the battling toddlers) and ended up rewriting the entire outline.  One goal done. 

I deleted chapters and then wrote more than my week's word count in one day so weekly goal done (although I'm not finished yet).

I got a small bit of editing done but I've been mostly hands-free for the last few days because my eldest daughter has been sick (she even missed her belated Christmas party at playschool because she vomited all over the classroom) and my youngest daughter had a bit of a reaction to her injections.  Sometimes only Mammy's cuddles will do.  Add in some visitors yesterday and work has slowed down again.  But, today is mine, sort of, and I'm planning on getting as much editing done as possible because I want Verity out of the way next week so I can concentrate fully on Taunt.  Taunt's exciting me right now so I want to devote all my time to it.

I feel like this week has gone well, blips and all.  I just have to keep remembering to work with what I've got.  Part of it has been the really good, positive atmosphere from the rest of the ROW80 challengers.  There's something very inspiring about it all.  I'm also thinking part of me feeling like I had a good week is down to the fact I've been avoiding the internet as much as possible for the last three or four days - definitely been a good thing for me.  I might try more of the same.

Quick question for anyone in the know.  (I should have stayed offline.  LOL).  A reviewer said they were offended by the little copyright paragraph at the beginning of my book.  I thought we had to have this and that all books have it.  Am I being stupid and knobby by adding it?  I vaguely remember copying it from somewhere, maybe the Smashwords Style Guide.  Anyone have more of a clue than me?  *Confused*

ETA:  Just read this blog post on managing your time and thought it might be useful - or just interesting to read.  Good luck next week everyone!


  1. sounds like you've had an excellent week despite the challenges. Hope the kids are better soon. I just looked in 2 of the paperbacks I had to hand, the copyright disclaimer is "copyright Authors name Year" I haven't seen the smashwords one and I'm still confused as to the industry standard with ebooks.

  2. It's like a little paragraph underneath that bit that says it can't be distributed and shared. I don't even remember why but I've had it in my head all along that it was required for some reason. I'm going to go through my Kindle books and see if they all use something similar.

  3. Are you talking about the copyright thing that says "respect this author's work"? I see that in everyone's book, it's not knobby. That's an odd thing to be offended by.

    Great job on your progress too.

  4. That's the one. Or at least a variation of it. I've always thought it was a requirement but I've been snooping and some ebooks don't have it so now I have no idea what the "standard" is supposed to be.

    Maybe it looks more like an author's note on ebooks, as opposed to paper books when it's more like legal crap that's easily passed by without paying much attention.

  5. Smashwords makes you have the paragraph, but Amazon and Pubit don't. I've got it in all my e-books. That is a weird thing to be offended by!
    I have also found that there is no perfect time to write-I would never write anything if there was! Your writing area sounds like mine, I have a bunch of kids toys, cd's, bills, coupons, and then a gigiantic pile of post it notes. :)
    Sorry for the sick kiddies. Hope they're better soon!
    Awesome job this week! Keep it up!

  6. Thanks Stacey, that must be why it's been ingrained in my mind that it's a must have. It's been so long since I read about that sort of stuff that I must have mixed up what's important and where. :) I was mortified in case I was the only weirdo using it.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one constantly surrounded by a pile of stuff. ;)

  7. "...this week has gone well, blips and all." I love how you said that. It's how I've been feeling...I also feel I am on track. This coming week though, I'll need to manage my time better, so I'm off to click on the link. :)

  8. I say ignore the complaints about the copyright paragraph. And, yes we are suppose to use it. have so much going on in your home and you are still able to find the time to write.
    I do hope your daughter is feeling better.

  9. I use the "Please respect this author's work" clause adapted from Smashwords wherever I publish my ebook, and add in one about "This is a work of fiction" tailored to cover pop culture/ music references. I have never heard of a reviewer complaining about it, but someone was bound to at some point. I am sorry it was you! I think it's a really important clause since 1. our prices are so low 2. most of our work is DRM free and 3. you can now "borrow" books from others through Amazon's new Kindle loan sysem.
    I have so much respect for all of you who write with small children at home. I put my writing off for years waiting for the right conditions, and they didn't appear until my two started school. So however you're doing it, you're doing it, and that's amazing. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to write on paper towels while cooking if I had to!

  10. Hope it helps, Judith! I think maybe I'm getting better at accepting that things will always pop up.

    Thanks Linda, I feel like less of an idiot now. LOL. She seems fine now, back to as much mischief as possible. :)

    Vicki, that's a good reminder about the work of fiction bit - I should probably start adding that one too.

    And trust me, the temptation to wait until they're all grown is there!

  11. I, too, am constantly surrounded my STUFF in my Creation Station, as I've dubbed my office. I have a dictionary, thesaurus, and books and notes everywhere.

    I haven't yet checked out the Smashwords site. I've seen people mentioning it, and another writer friend of mine told me that's a place to download manuscripts into e-books.

    So I need to check it out, I guess.

    My other books are print books, except one of them is also available on Kindle, but the publisher did it for me.

    I'm confused about why anyone would take exception to your copyright statements.

    You've made great progress, with all the distractions going on. I feel a bit guilty, because I live alone and have no real distractions. Occasional stuff with grandkids, and that's it.

    I just get really caught up in blogging and visiting blogs. But I've sort of made a deal with myself to write as soon as I've done a superficial blog visiting. That's working so far.

  12. I hope your daughters are feeling better. I say mommying trumps writing every time.

    Copyright paragraph? Isn't a reviewer supposed to review the story? If that's the worst they can come up with, then I say it's a win. :)

  13. Laurel, every distraction is a real one. Blogs and online stuff are by far the biggest distractions for me. :)

    Cathryn, uh, that was the best they came up with. Sadly. It's been an OMG I suck sort of day. LOL.

  14. I to admire those with small children who can write as well - I was always amazed when I went of to Uni in my 40s that women were doing their stuff there with families to contend with. Where do you all find the energy?

    Not good to put of till later, stuff happens as you grow old - it is never a 'good' time!!!

    Yes the copyright is asked for at smashwords and personaly I cannot see any thing wrong with what a strange reader! after all they are in hard books.

    You seem to be getting along fine

  15. Words of wisdom. Sometimes having too much time is counter-productive to actually getting some solid writing done. I'm thinking about trying some "write or die" exercises spaced throughout my weekends instead of sitting there for hours on end and accomplishing less in that vast span of time than I would in two timed exercises. The internet can really be an evil distraction at times.

    And the copyright thing...geesh...what a thing to harp on. I had no idea there were copyright wording police out there.

  16. Offended by a copyright paragraph? Why, did you insult their mother in it or something? [g] Seriously, don't they notice those things in printed books?
    Sounds like you're making progress - ROW80 has been great for that, allowing for all kinds of progress without the amped up atmosphere of NaNo.

  17. People are so weird and will get offended by just about anything these days. I'd ignore it because they'll surely be on to something else with someone else shortly... It sounds like you persevered quite well in the face of all those challenges! I hope you have a lovely, productive week ahead. :)

  18. Re: the copyright thingy - maybe the way it's worded comes across badly so that's my fault. I just wasn't sure if maybe I was doing something wrong by including it at all (I've a lot to learn) so thanks all for the reassurance that it's not ZOMG what is she doing?! ;)

    Alberta, as soon as my lot grow up, I'll be catching up on my sleep - probably take a decade or so!

    Claire, that makes so much sense to me. I think if I didn't have a family and stayed at home to write, I would probably get a similar amount of work done. Camille LaGuire has a blog called The Daring Novelist and she metioned something about what you can do in thirty minutes and how many thirty minute segments it would take to achieve your goals and that had me really thinking. 30 minutes of concentrated work is much better than a few hours of a half-arsed attempt - which is me all over. :)

    Deniz, I doubt I would have started work yet if it hadn't been for ROW80 - part of it is the accountability of the check-ins, I know you're all looking at me if I mess up too much. ;)

    Thanks Cricket, same to you! I feel like even if it's not all that productive, it will be less of an effort to actually get started, if that makes sense.

  19. What an odd thing to be offended by. My books through Samhain and EC have a rights disclaimer...

    Congrats on the breakthrough! It's the same struggle I'm challenged with, and I feel boosted reading your post.

  20. Thanks for that info Skylar. I always feel better when I see people get through the things that are bothering me too. :)

  21. Good luck, and well done! I hope the little ones get better soon. Sick babies aren't fun for anyone, especially them. I hope you can start with Taunt soon, that excitement on a new idea is like no other. Could you imagine if it was possible to contain it and bottle it up? Pharmaceuticals would be in hog heaven, lol!
    I look forward to your next post.

  22. Thanks MamaElk, yet another kid dropped down with a bug today and I have a funny feeling the twins are heading the same way - it's that storm before the sickly silence going on right now. :)

    There is definitely nothing like it. I'm always surprised when writers have addictions because I can't imagine anything beating that crazed new idea high. :D

  23. Good job knocking out your week's worth in a day!

    That vomiting stuff went around here too. Nasty.

    I don't know about the copyright thingy. :)

  24. Tatti, hope it helps!

    Jessica, yeah, wish I could do that every day. :)


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