Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Run For The Hills, Pick Up Your Feet, and Let's Go

I'm truly sad that Pete Postlethwaite died.  He's always been one of those actors that I feel safe with - I know I'm in good hands when I see him on screen.  He was absolutely fantastic in In the Name of the Father which is one of my favourite films. 

Anyway, I started my reading goals on the first.  Fifteen minutes a day - I managed more than that really.  I tried to go back to a DNF book that everyone loves and I feel like I'm missing out on something because I just can't get into it.  It's the perfect genre, I love the idea but bloody hell, I despise the MC and had to force myself to read every paragraph on each page.  I've pretty much given up, it's the third time I've tried to read it - it's been recommended to me lots of times, it has amazing reviews, it just isn't for me.

I began a new book.  Bad Claire.  It was okay at first, then it grew on me, so I'll definitely keep reading.  I went back to a book I had already started, loved it, only stopped reading because the baby woke up.  Reading goals, check.

ROW80 goals, check.  Technically. 

Oh, dear, I am lazy.  I've taken a break over Christmas and now I'm typing like a newbie hunt and pecker.  So sloooow.  I procrastinated for about ten hours before getting to work.  I didn't even write any of the actual draft, I merely plotted the first chapter of Taunt.  I typed 500 words which is my goal then I edited Verity and ended up typing roughly 500 new words.  It took me about three hours to edit a prologue and type in edits I'd already noted for two chapters.  That's painfully slow so I'm hoping by the end of round one, I'll be a little quicker.  I'm trying really hard not to run away from my work. 

I've been popping onto the blogs of the other participants - why the hell didn't I think of a reward?  I've subscribed and added to my blogroll wherever I can - wow, there's a lot of us for the first round, that's excellent.  If any of you are reading, don't forget to use the ROW80 hash tag on Twitter.  :)  I'll try to get around to following everyone on Twitter too.

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