Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stupid Bloody Ads & Rage, Rage, Rage

*Warning - Rant Alert*

Yes, I've been poncing about with many, many template changes again.  I'm having trouble finding the right one.  It doesn't help when certain idiotic template sites lead me onto a big ass advertisement page that screws up my whole computer in its quest to get me to read some irrelevant crap about something I'm not even remotely interested in.  What kind of gobshite thinks that's going to get people to return to their site?  Unobtrustive ads can be vaguely annoying but are pretty easy to explore so when the whole fooking page disappears to be covered with some ridiculously pointless ad, I get enraged.

Hormonal?  Moi?  The fact that my daughter's hair falling out of the stupid bobbin holding it up five times in a row made me cry with anger this morning does not make me hormonal.  Nor does the fact that the nicest template I have ever seen is so fooked up with fixed widths and shite that even a week of fiddling with it can't help me use it.  Even the niggling irritations I feel when I'm asked to do something ridiculous to my characters such as forced marriages, kidnapping and *other* stuff doesn't make me hormonal. 

The fact that I'm pissed off there is still a few days until the next episode of Supernatural might make me slightly hormonal.  Or just obsessed, I'm not actually sure.  The extreme tantrum my 3 year old had today for absolutely no reason at all makes her hormonal.  My reaction to spin my head around 360 degrees was perfectly normal.  And who wouldn't cling to their loved ones like a limpet after having a nightmare about them? 

In fact the only thing that makes me hormonal is when people use the word hormonal to describe me.  I'm talking to you, Baby Daddy.  The fact this post has gone completely off topic is not even worth discussing.  It was the ads that started it.  Blame them.  And blame yourself if you're responsible for any of those stupid bloody ads that crash my laptop and make me crack up.  Just don't do it.

Better now.  Going to write.  Maybe.

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