Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crazy Writers

Read this post if you are a crazy writer.  This is so me, it's beyond funny.  Especially the narrative voice in the background of my daily life.  Seriously, I already knew I was crazy but the more I write, the worse I get.  My partner definitely agrees and he doesn't know the half of it.  I used to think that writing was keeping me sane but now I'm not so sure!  At least it's streaming my insanity into something halfway productive.

I am ploughing my way through a new story so I keep forgetting to blog, eat and sleep amongst other things.  I even attempted to plan an outline which actually went surprisingly well.  I have a strong beginning and a strong end and a very vague middle which is just the way I like it.  If the middle is too well planned out, I get bored of writing it.  So, yay me.  My poor smallies have been neglected, I haven't written them a new story in a while but at least they'll have plenty to read by the time they are teens.  Unless they follow in their Daddy's footsteps and decide that reading an entire book would be wrong in some way. : /

I seriously considered buying a kindle today.  I've wanted one for ages and the small one is less than 200euro.  I would get one in an instant if I could get my hands on free books and not have to pay the extra couple of dollars for downloading priced books.  Kindle readers in the U.S. are so lucky.  I buy Kindle books and read them on my PC sometimes but I would buy so much more if I had a Kindle.  I have a Sony but the freebies don't quite compare to Amazon's.  Although the iPad looks cool, it's a little too ginormous for me, I want something small that I can hold in the bath or in bed.  Maybe by the time I have enough royalties to buy a Kindle, there will be a good value european version of the kindle store.  Us crazy writers, we're always dreaming.

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