Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Love For Da People

Yesterday's post - Marketing, Promoting, Languishing - was probably a little narky.  Although I still agree with every word, it's the weekend so I decided to take a calming breath and go down a lighter route this morning.

Nice things, nice things, let me see . . . .

I can't be nice so I'll just go for things that have amused or informed me this week.  Read all the way down, you don't want to miss out on Trent, trust me.

Thanks to Zoe Winters for revealing this little gem that has the world up in arms right now.  Although the drama makes me glad I'm going indie right now too (you know, when I don't think about the things that instigated yesterday's post), between that blog and my new addiction to Query Shark I'm almost eager to send out some queries just to see what it does to my mental state.  Could I too become a query letter addict?

Writers are meanTop 50 author put downs.

I saw some links to interesting articles on plot on this blog - and judging purely by the previous post, Justus has a similar method to me which makes me feel a lot less lonely out here on this sloppy plotting branch.

Amusing discussion on kidlit - Swear words in y/a fiction.  The comments are the best part because they swing from one end of the scale to the other.  Some of the people would probably pass out if they heard what the kids in my neighbourhood openly call their parents to their faces.  I'm talking 8 year olds here. 

Nathan Bransford made me feel even more at a loss by asking people when they know if a manuscript is working.  I never know.  What the fook is wrong with me?

Red Adept gave the best review I have ever seen.  Seriously, get a room.  No, really, it was the first sale her reviews have ever gotten out of me because we have dissimilar taste in books.  This time, she had me at hello, or rather - I was so glad I didn't stop reading.  Wow.  Just Wow.  Can't wait to read that book.

Sleep Talkin' Man scandalised me with this unwanted mental picture.  Who else on this planet is such an arrogantly funny git when they are asleep?  If he didn't get all of this aggression out at night, I'm pretty certain he'd be a serial killer or something.

A blog post on book covers had me nodding my head in agreement.  I would love to see some more experimental ways of attracting readers by the way.

Lastly - a note to Trent.  Or Padraigggggggggggggg.  Whoever, I don't care.  It's been over a month.  Get cracking on the next chapter.  A random quote in honour of Trent's adventures - A man in a hat entered the room. He took off the hat. “It’s you!” They all said.  And one more 'cos I'm cool like that.  He shook his head to refocus on what he had to do. “Oh yes, killing all them people” Trent thought.

And now I'm off to watch me some Jensen.  Good times.

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