Thursday, April 15, 2010


Check out my free samples!  I signed up for Bookbuzzr last night because I've been hearing it mentioned so much.  I need to read about the same place at least ten times before I actually go and see for myself what it's about.

You sign up, upload your books and information, set which pages to sample (although I can't seem to get that to work properly) and then you get a cute little widget that displays your book.  People can read the sample and you can  even add links to where it is on sale.  The widgets are obviously a little slow because they need to load up but I think they look great.

You can only upload pdf files but they provide linkage to a file converting site that is really easy to use.  You also have to upload a cover image.  As well as the usual information, you can add a sort of a back story that people can read before the actual book loads up.  You can add your widget to a blog or website, even facebook and they offer a tweeting service that automatically updates your Twitter account.  Now I've seen this with other people and it can get a bit spammy looking so I'm going to keep an eye on that part in particular.

I've no idea if this kind of thing is generally useful for most people but I love me some pretty shinies and this definitely qualifies for shiny.

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