Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Novel Writing Software

I've finally managed to move my folders from the broken laptop to a small netbook I gave up on ages ago.  There's nothing really wrong with the netbook, but I'm finding it a lot harder to edit on a smaller screen and have pretty much avoided writing altogether.  Browsing the net isn't exactly a joyful event either - not to mention having to sign into all three million accounts I seem to have online.  I'm not good with passwords and I have a passionate hatred towards any kind of login process. 

Technically I have everything I need to get back into working on "stuff" but I feel like I'm missing out on something.  Even though I've had a break for a few days aside from writing down a few notes on new scenes and ideas for new material, I'm not running at neck breaking speed towards my documents.  The break has really renewed my interest but I'm so unorganised that it is putting me at a disadvantage right now and I need something to help me re-organise.  It's a lot harder to focus on a tiny screen that shows like a paragraph at a time and comparing notes?  Not working out.

I've lusted after Scrivener for ages (because it looks cool) but there isn't a Windows version and that Macbook purchase is way off into the distant future.  So I've been looking at other free programs or at least programs with a free trial that I can test out.  I need something that will hold a lot of separate notes all on the one easy to read screen.  I had downloaded one program onto the old laptop but I forget the name and it wasn't much use either - aside from checking out how many times I overused a phrase.  I love that kind of feature. 

I've now downloaded Storybook which is supposed to keep track of characters and plot line strands which sounds really useful because of the type of editing and re-writing I'm doing.  I haven't really figured it out yet but if I was starting from scratch with something then it would probably be a lot simpler.  I may have to resort to the Post-It method of keeping tracking with the novels I've already started.  I've been looking for reviews or advice on the best type of software or manual method of keeping track but haven't had much luck so far.  Any recommendations or links would be thanked muchly.  I'm not completely dense, I have some sort of method, it just isn't working for me right this instant.  :)

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