Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Which I Become Random And Deranged

Trying very hard to focus on not touching a certain story for a few weeks because I'm so close to it but it is all I want to work on.  So annoying when my brain doesn't want to obey.  I was supposed to work on something in particular this morning.  This something in particular needs to be handed over very soon but instead I had great fun researching for the story I'm not supposed to be touching.  I think I've mentally written a serial of four more books in the midst of my procrastination.  'Sake.  I made a pdf copy of the unnamed untouchable manuscript and put it on the E-reader just to see what it was like.  I found two mistakes on the second page.  Two.  In the one sentence!  I wanted to headbutt a wall.  Deep breaths - moving on.

I'm coveting the iPad right now.  Yeah, yeah, I know it isn't perfect or even a "real" e-reader but I am dying to play with one.  I want to see what the iBookstore looks like so badly.  I've seen pictures that make me ache inside.  I am a sucker for advertising.  It might also be because I'm pissed off with My Precious itself, my E-reader, because it freezes way more often than necessary.  It's annoying me now.  I don't have the patience to try and fix things so I throw it down until my better half can sort it out.  Replacing it sounds like such a good idea sometimes. 

There is a just for fun short story/flash fiction competition on Boards.  The creative writing forum is linked on the right over there.  A random short description was given and everyone had to write less than a thousand words.  Now it is being voted on.  In order to vote, you must leave a comment saying why you voted for that story/stories.  I love things like this (especially when I'm busy procrastinating).  If anyone knows of any other similar contests I can read then please share.

And now I have to go and suck the fun out of everything because my children are playing an "It's all going to end in tears" sort of game.  SuperMammy saves the day yet again.

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