Monday, April 12, 2010


Thanks to Nanowrimo '09, I have a free proof copy code for CreateSpace.  I have never planned on getting into Indie paperbacks because I wanted to learn more about Ebooks.  But I am going to use the proof copy and get a feel for how CreateSpace works.  They are another company who require those outside of the U.S. to acquire an ITIN before they payout royalties.  Not that I would expect to make many royalties on paperbacks, I believe most indies have more success with digital formats than traditional ones. 

Having absolutely no idea on the CreateSpace submission requirements or guidelines, I had a look at their website and left feeling even more clueless than when I started.  Note, I am a completely beginner and probably have less common sense than the average person.  There isn't a lot of detailed information there, possibly because they have so many additional services.  Why give information for free when you can confuse people into spending money?  I read a free Indie Ebook detailing how to set up a book for CreateSpace but it must have been outdated because the information was definitely not relevant.  I searched about on the community and saw that there is a lot of info there and some CreateSpace members have even written up their own advice.  Some provide free pdf downloads with their knowledge on submitting to CreateSpace.  If you can't be bothered working it all out then there are plenty of people willing to help out.  For a small fee, of course.

Once, you understand how it works, it isn't that hard.  Not that it's particularly simple either.  I've messed about on Lulu and CreateSpace trying to figure them out.  On Lulu, you can upload your manuscript using a word document but apparently CreateSpace only allow pdfs.  On both, you can use their cover wizards and create your own cover.  Using your own images is probably a good idea though.  I believe that CreateSpace works out cheaper on proof copies particularly if you order their ProPlan which sounds like a good idea, particularly if you plan on ordering a number of proof copies because they will work out cheaper on this plan.  Royalties increase also. As soon as I have ordered a proof copy (and received it) then I'll blog about the entire process in more detail. 

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