Monday, April 19, 2010

Lost in Twitterverse

I have to admit, the whole Twitter thing loses me.  All of that retweeting and hash tagging and lists - don't even get me started on things like Follow Friday.  It actually makes me feel old.  I've been looking through my blog feeds trying to find the original post (which reminds me I really need to sort out my blog links section) and I can't find it but somebody, somewhere recommended TweetDeck.  It is a program that allows you to keep your Twitter account/s, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts all in the one easily updated place.  Thankfully I only have one Twitter and one Facebook account to contend with.

You arrange columns of things you want to see, for example, one useful one is to see when anyone replies to your tweets (or whatever it's meant to be called).  Little updates pop up on your desktop so you never miss a thing.  That might get annoying if you're following 20,000 people but it works for me okay.  I'm finding it easier to feel interested in the whole Twitter thing while using TweetDeck, going to the website feels a little blah and boring, especially having to scroll down to see what people said while I was asleep.  I feel stupid adding tweets about what I'm doing so I tend to let it link to my blog mostly.  Sometimes I retweet - if I remember how.  Like I said, it makes me feel old and out of touch.  But it is useful because I've found so many interesting blogs from other people posting links.  Think I'll stick with TweetDeck for a while and see how it goes.

Yesterday, one of my smallest angels whipped most of the buttons off my laptop keyboard in less than three seconds.  Not for the first time.  He has a gift, and exceptionally fast & grabby hands.  I won't tell you how long it's taking me to type out this post because of sticky and missing buttons.  For someone who learned to type on a typewriter, I make a lot of freaking mistakes.  It's only 15euro to replace the buttons but it's much more fun to window shop for a new laptop instead.  I've never used a Macbook before but that's what I'm coveting these days.  I'm a little scared I'll have trouble using one but from what I've read, it shouldn't be too much trouble.  I spent ages perusing them last night but there is no chance of a new laptop on my horizon any time soon.  Curious about how many people actually do go back after using a Mac.  Any thoughts?

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