Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Procrastination Can Be Productive Too

I still haven't technically gotten back to work yet.  I've been spending a lot of time rearranging documents and setting up new documents & folders and creating lists of things using pretty colours and stylin' fonts.  I'm making things easier for myself in the long run.  Hmm. 

I imported my blog feed list and it hasn't updated so I had to do it manually.  How am I supposed to procrastinate properly if I don't know exactly when a blog updates?  And really quick before I get back to boasting about how productive I am, it is be an agent for the day time again on Nathan Bransford's blog.  I can't tell you how fascinating I find queries to be.  I love reading them.  Apparently I'm not good at picking the best one because the one I liked least is the most popular.  :)

Back to me.  I made myself a little daily writing planner.  It's very cool and even includes breaks, forum lurking and blog hopping, all daily essentials that I need to get out of the way before I get to the good stuff.  See, I know me - I know if I don't allow for things like that, I'll end up doing them anyway.  Repeatedly.  So it's better to make them part of the job.  I separated my various writing tasks to keep myself on a strict schedule and onroute to a set target.  When I complete a task, I fill it in with a nice shade of green.  Just because.  I felt like I had accomplished something big.  A breakthrough on my way to becoming more productive.

Then I had a nap.  A long one.  When I woke up, it was late and I got distracted by some crushed ice.  Then I wasn't sure if I should start at the beginning of my schedule or not.  Then I remembered that I was supposed to try out that Storybook program and see what I thought about it.  Then, then, then, then, then.  I didn't get any real writing work done.  I am a lot more organised than I was last week on the other hand.  That counts, right?

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