Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Yay, Halloween!  Darth Vader and Pink Witch have already gone out with a relative to scab food from total strangers so I'm left with two Dragons and a beautiful baby Buddha (who isn't dressed up, she's always this chubby).

Counting down to Nanowrimo - why yes, yes I am going to talk about it until the end of time - and I've changed my mind again.  I received the proof copy I was waiting for so decided to do a round of edits instead of working on a first draft this week.  I couldn't help it, the shinies were too pretty for me to keep ignoring.  Besides, if I'm writing the sequel for Nano then I need a quick refreshment course in the world.  I could read notes but . . . nah.

It's funny because when I started thinking of writing the first novella, I wasn't serious about it but then I went overboard on the world building and backstories and now I can't leave it alone.  I've put everything else on the backburner and any new ideas I get all involve this one little novella.  If I hadn't been slacking so much this year, I'd probably have a series of five going on by now.  Next year I'm going to learn to live on a lot less sleep.  :)

I'm going to watch some spooky family films (then a scary grownup one when Darth Vader, Pink Witch, the Dragon Duo and Baby Buddha are asleep), eat lots of popcorn and sugary goodness then try and get a good start on Nano once midnight hits.  *Is excited.*

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