Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Am Reading . . . & Being Easily Pleased

Haven't mentioned what I'm reading for a while because I haven't been reading much. I've started at least ten books that I dropped after the first chapter. Not because they're bad, I'm just having trouble concentrating. Anyway, recently finished:

Forsaken by Shadow
The Wild's Call
Shadowbound  (Still a freebie)

(Think I'm forgetting something)

and am currently reading The Red Church. I thought I'd already read it but obviously not. Probably going to start something else today, something short to get through during my editing breaks - probably A Very Hairy Adventure.

Totally stole this from Walking on the Line of Crazy but it cracked me up so much I had to use my own kid's photos. I showed it to my OH and his first comment was: Who owns those kids? *Snicker* Recently I told him about some random film or something and he said:  So, is that for kids or just for humans? Should my babies be worried? :D

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