Friday, October 22, 2010

Smokin' Me Out

In ten days time I will be (hopefully) getting stuck into some Nanowrimo goodness (or crappiness). I've an outline kinda sorta written out so I'm waiting until November to get cracking, mostly because I want to think through the conflict a little more. I've been playing around with a first draft I left alone earlier this year (it's so cold, I'm finding it hard to get into even though I still know exactly where it's going) and trying desperately not to edit something I need some space from. I'm hoping Nano will distract me enough to get quite a bit of space. I'm waiting for a couple of responses to something that needs a final edit but they don't seem like they're going to happen anytime soon so at least I won't be as close to it this time. I find it hard to focus completely on more than one world at a time so I'm a bit edgy on an inbetweener right now. :)

I've been reading a bit lately too. Recent reads include:

The Red Church
A Very Hairy Adventure
Waiter,There's a Clue in my Soup!
Monster in the Mirror
On Writing (and some other non-fiction)
Out of Time
The Scrubs

Am still pondering what's next . . . .

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