Sunday, August 1, 2010

Advertising Ebooks on Blogs

It's August already.  And time for me to start getting back to work.  I've been attempting to edit in the two weeks since the birth of my beautiful little girl but I haven't been well (yesterday I passed out a couple of times - ick) so it's been slow moving.  (I just used the word been three times in the one sentence - you can imagine just how much editing my writing requires!)  I'm determined to work hard this month.  I'm behind on the blog, updating links, twitter and even just commenting on other blogs and forums.  I've been more of a lurker which doesn't really help when you need to develop a web presence.

I've been meaning to post links to blogs which advertise indie ebooks.  If you're a reader looking for something new to read or a writer searching for exposure, there are now plenty of places to go.  There are always reviewers like Red Adept but there are also blogs which list ebooks (impartially) for free such as the Indie Books Blog and Spalding's Racket.  There are also paid advertising options such as the Kindle Nation Daily blog which advertises free ebooks on Kindle, Kindle updates and paid sponsorships by indie writers.  I've heard indies have seen surges in sales after advertising there.

There are more, I'll post the links as I find them.  New ones are popping up more frequently now, as well as genre specific ones so they are pretty useful and worth checking out.

I'm going to (finally) update my blog and website links in the sidebars so if you have a useful blog or author website and want to be linked here just comment or send me an email.  Don't forget to find me on facebook/twitter/goodreads too.


  1. Hey Claire, those links are really fantastic. I'm looking for fantasy ones if you hear of any. I don't know if you've heard yet, but I'm hosting a blog carnival this month. Might be a short cut for more exposure if you fancy it. There's info on my blog.


  2. I'm going to keep looking for more places like those.

    Just checking out the carnival now, Chris, will leave a comment saying I want to take part. I'll blog about it tomorrow and then take part on the 20th.

  3. Ah, when I saw you saying repeating yourself I thought that meant you'd already agreed. Don't worry, isn't hard to confuse me.

  4. LOL I'm quite talented at unnecessary confusion. :)


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