Saturday, August 14, 2010

When Life Gets In The Way

This last week has been madness.  Firstly, we had an unexpected house guest which threw my "work" routine out of whack.  The reason we had a visitor for a couple of days was down to a bit of drama involving some extended family members.  I have to say, people think some of the stories I write are repulsive but truth is always worse than fiction.  I can't understand how vile people can be and how there are always those willing to keep it a secret.  Never mind me, outrage always come easily to me.

Then, my piss poor broadband provider had a major screw up so we lost connectivity for a few days.  I'm actually scared by how lost I was while we were internet-less.  I felt like I was missing everything.  When it came back, I couldn't figure out what I needed it for, I was just anxious when it wasn't around.  Sad but true.

I got a lot accomplished when I didn't have the Internet to distract me so maybe I should disconnect more often.  I finished one thing, got back to work on another and started something new so I think I'll just have to accept that some days I'll get more done than others.  At least until school starts!


  1. Thanks for the link to my blog - I've only just seen it.

    I need to be locked away in my room - I never seem to get any work done at the moment. I don't know how you do it with small children around.

  2. Everything is great Deanna, I just have to chill when the 'oul routine goes out the window!

    Helen, I distract them with anything I can think of, sit down to write and then find myself lurking on Kindleboards. :)

  3. TV, sweeties, toys, baths, early bed times... children are manageable a lot of the time (I have loads. Well, no, three).

    Totally get you on the internet. When we lost ours I was so lost. When I got it back, I checked my email, and couldn't remember a single other thing I had so desperately needed to do.

  4. Aren't they though? :D

    I know, it's crazy how that happens!


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