Monday, August 2, 2010

Indie Author Blog Carnival - Sign Up Now

Chris over on the Dun Scaith blog is arranging a blog carnival for Indie authors.  Blog carnivals tend to be lots of link love on similar subjects so are always handy to get involved in.  This one is the first I've noticed specifically for Indie writers who publish on Smashwords.  The theme this time is why you decided to publish your work independently rather than using the traditional route of agents, queries and publishers, oh my. 

If you want to take part in this carnival, go to the post on blog carnivals for more information.  You can leave a comment stating your interest over there.  Basically, you write a blog post on the aforementioned topic on the 19th of August and make sure to link to Dun Scaith, the host blog.  On the 20th,  Chris checks all of the participating blogs and creates his own post, including links to all contributers.  All of the bloggers can link to each other too but I believe that is an optional courtesy.  You're kind of expected to visit the other bloggers involved - the whole point is to connect and increase visibility through a group effort so it is wise to leave comments on the other posts on the topic.

Blog carnivals are (in my experience) highly useful for gaining extra traffic and connecting with similar bloggers.  They also expand pretty quickly and have the potential to turn into something huge so head on over to Dun Scaith and sign up for a blog carnival just for indies.  Feel free to spread the word through blogs/forums/facebook/twitter.


  1. Thanks, Claire. Between your post, Mike's post, and someone stumbling the blog carnival post my blog traffic doubled today. And this is just an "about the blog carnival" so I reckon this has the potential to be big.

  2. You should post about it on places like Kindleboards - plenty of indies floating around there.

  3. Thanks, Claire.
    This is very useful.

  4. thx! very useful info.. about to head over right now!


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