Monday, August 23, 2010

Milestones and Madness

So the blog carnival was good craic but one of the participants let me know my blog looks bogey in their feedreader.  It looks fine in mine so I had no idea, sorry if it looks strange.  I didn't want to post again until I sorted it but I'm having a serious case of stupidity right now, nothing makes sense to me.  I'm going to keep trying to fix it, hopefully I'll figure things out when I'm less distracted.  It's a lovely sunny day and school starts back up on Thursday.  Between getting ready for that, trying to sort out a birth certificate disaster and staying up til four every night (writing/editing/poncing about online) my brain isn't running at top speed.  :)

In other news, my horror short story collection almost hit a minor sales milestone this month.  With a week to go, I doubt it's going to quite make it but I'm happy anyway.  I'm pretty sure it reached its highest sales rank too but I haven't been paying a close eye on that.  For an experiment (in a market that isn't supposed to exist), it's gone much better than I expected but that's absolutely thanks to the kind people who took the time to read and review/recommend it so cheers.

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