Thursday, August 5, 2010

Open for Business

The UK Kindle store seems to have opened on Amazon.  I thought it wasn't supposed to officially open until later in the month. My books are available to buy for 75p.  I don't seem to have an author page and  my books aren't linked together in any way.  My reviews haven't carried over from the US Kindle site.  I'm still scoping it out. 

Funnily enough, I thought the new UK Kindlestore would be a more European oriented deal.  I can't buy books there, I still have to use  I'm not complaining, just surprised.  I assumed I'd have to scoot over to the UK site once it opened.

Eclipse is topping the paid bestseller list, priced at £3.14.

ETA:  The DTP has been slowly updating.  You can now view your book in either the US or UK Kindle Stores and you can also start viewing separate sales reports for either store.


  1. Terrific.
    I hope they soon get the reviews connected.

  2. I was thinking they might keep them separate. I hope not though.


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