Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finding Your Books in the iBookstore

Smashwords posted on their site updates recently about how to see your book in Apple's iBookstore if you don't own an Apple product that allows you to view the application.  It's been really annoying not knowing if your book has appeared or not.  I noticed on my latest sales report on Smashwords that I had some sales from Apple but I also wanted to check ratings.  Working from the Smashwords method, here is the link to my free short story.  (People do not like it.  LOL)

The link is made up of the address to itunes, the country (in this case US but adjust it for other countries, Canada is CA, UK is GB, France is FR and Germany is DE.), followed by the word book and lastly the ISBN of my story.  You can find your own ISBN on your Dashboard on Smashwords, just click on the ISBN manager, copy the ISBN, get rid of the dashes and add it on the end of the address.

Just take my link and replace the ISBN with your own, go to the page and bookmark it for easy reference.  If it doesn't load up then recheck the link.  If it looks valid then it might mean your book isn't on Apple yet.

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  1. *Extemely useful* information that I had been able to find nowhere else. Thank you and best-- Jascha


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