Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Tale of Two Youtube Videos

Before I start on the clips, just wanted to add a link to a poem that a woman composed to her daughter about her autistic grandson as a mother's day gift. I'm not into poetry but I loved this.

Also, has anyone taken a look at the site updates on Smashwords? Apparently, somebody was caught passing off a story as their own that they didn't write. I don't get plagiarism at all - they must have had balls of steel to do that, sooooo not worth it. Makes you wonder how often this kind of thing happens though!

On to the videos! One is fascinatingly amazing and the other is wee inducingly funny.

First a video from Orbit Books - How to Design a Cover in 1:55 Seconds. Six hours of work condensed into one tiny little video. I am in awe.

Second - chuckling already - is a video of boxer Wayne McCullough performing Beyonce's Single Ladies. The lesson of the day is, never make a bet with a kid. That looked like the longest three minutes of his life. And check out the perfectly fitting high heels. I'll never be able to think about the Pocket Rocket again without remembering this video!

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