Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's a Girl

First off, this is of no interest to anyone but my own little family but we found out today we are having a little girl so I am on a bit of a natural high right now.  She's perfectly healthy as far as they can tell so I'm having a lot of good news this month!

Last night, I finished a re-write of a novel.  It was supposed to be a draft but it ended up being a near total re-write because I wasn't happy with things.  The re-write wasn't too bad because I'm so familiar with the characters and the main story arc but I'm definitely a lot happier with it this time.  I finished up two weeks earlier than I had planned so I am pleased about that - plus I had made a lickle bet with my OH and he now owes me a printer.  Next job is to start at the beginning and edit, edit, edit.  I have some padding out to do in some scenes and a bit more character development to get through but other than that it is looking good so this draft shouldn't be too hard.  I enjoy adding to it, it's the deleting of crappy scenes that always kills me.  I would ideally like it to be ready before the baby is born but there is a lot of work to go through before that so we shall see.  My kids have a habit of ignoring pesky due dates and showing themselves whenever they feel like it so I might not have as much time as I think.  However, I actually think this blog has kept me on track as strange as that may sound.

Still waiting for further information on the Smashwords ISBN deal - nothing yet but that hasn't stopped me thinking about it. 

Did I mention it's a girl? :D

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