Sunday, March 14, 2010


Read an Ebook week is all over now, no more freebies. I think it would be considered a successful week, some people have gotten a crazy increase of downloads. I think quite a few writers have considered issuing free coupons for the rest of the month to keep the momento going so keep an eye out. My e-reader is charging at the moment and then I'm going to get started on the embarrassing amount of books that I downloaded this week.

I rediscovered Duotrope yesterday. It's a directory of short story markets. I probably shouldn't be surprised by how many ezines and the like have gone out of business. Some of the rest were really disappointing, or at least, their websites were. I was also a little surprised by the lack of engaging content in some cases. It's like everyone has suddenly stopped making an effort.

Have to mention this. If you write young adult stories then Wattpad is for you. At least to get some idea of what your audience is into. It's a mobile ebook site and most of the members seem to be pretty young. Bless their little cotton socks, they even have a whole genre category dedicated to vampires. I love places that encourage young people to write (and read) and there seems to be a lot of activity on this one. Once you get passed titles like I Woke Up Next To A Vampire!!!! And I Liked It!!!! you'll see how supportive and vocal this crowd are. There are some little gems packed away in there too. It could be a useful tool for the right person.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day :)

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