Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smashwords ISBNs

I knew it wouldn't bode well for me.  So, there is a survey in the site updates section of Smashwords asking things like do you already have e-ISBNs, what would a fair price be if Smashwords sold you an ISBN and if you would prefer for the fee to be taken out of future sales at Smashwords.  And they said they can't provide ISBNs for people outside of the States.  And you can't use the ISBN that was used for the print version if any.

Ebook ISBNs are going to be required to be part of the Premium Catalog at Smashwords even for free stories.  They mention that they can't ship to Sony without them.  I was interested if there was a way Smashwords themselves could provide them but now that's gone (for people like me) then there isn't a lot Smashwords can do for me.  I hate when things get messy and complicated.  ISBNs are great as long as someone is buying in bulk.  I can't exactly do that.

I see that they have to fall in line and all that but once again, I feel like I'm going to be punished for my location.  I liked that my stories, even the free ones, were in the Premium Catalog and in line to be distributed to other sellers like Barnes & Noble.  Some of my work has already been sent to Kobo (apparently) but if things are changing then will everything that has gone before be removed? 

I'm not sure if I'll keep adding my work to Smashwords.  I've gotten a lot more of a response elsewhere in comparison and nowhere else requires me to have ISBNs - yet.  The main thing holding me there were the coupons, the distribution options and the lack of need for ISBNs.  Now that one is on its way down and another soon to follow, who knows what will come next.  I like change but change that I can be a part of is preferable.  I would rather change to come in the form of quality control.  I suppose Smashwords was just too good to be true, or at least to stay true for long.

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