Friday, December 3, 2010

White December

I tried to write this post already but it turned into a desperately miserable piece so I'm trying again.  :)

Last month of the year and I'm already trying to plan next year.  I'm not great with plans.  Hopefully ROW80 will help me focus a little - I'm still trying to figure out what my plans are for Round One.  I know what I should do but that's never fun.  :) 

I'm working on a best of 2010 post, my indie picks of the year.  It's hard because I can't mention everyone (not sure I still have everything I read) and there are lots that stood out to me even if there are technically better written books.  It's all personal opinion and I rarely recommend books so take what you want out of it.   Some writers don't get enough credit and deserve a mention so I might make an Amazon list.  I read a lot of different genres so right now, it's looking like an extreme mish-mash.  I kind of want to wait to include my December reads - if there's any.

Amazon's novel contest is almost upon us.  January 24th, I think.  I had plans on entering but now I'm not so sure.  I was thinking about working on a y/a novel I have - not that I expect to win but it's nice to be part of the contest - but looking at my newest release . . . let's just say, I'm doubting myself.  For good reason.  I love ABNA, last year I lurked on the discussion board and it was fun to see so many writers take risks and come up with new ideas.  A couple of Irish writers made it past a round or two so I had people to root for.  :)  This year, there will probably be more writers I kinda sorta know entering which is cool.

Indie sales in November were fantastic for a lot of people by the way.  More indies made it into Amazon's bestsellers list.  I wasn't around this time last year but I know people think fondly of January '10 because of record sales, it will be interesting to see how the next few months compare, especially with the new gifting feature.  Ha, now I know what I'm getting everyone for Christmas - sorry, family.  ;)

It's snowing still and that means the schools are closed, there isn't enough grit for the roads, people have a better excuse than normal not to go to work, and the wait for the next Budget isn't as bad as it should be because we're all so busy worrying about the cold.  Heating bills are going to be a killer and the Budget is going to screw most of us.  But sure, at least we're all fecked together.  :)

I got a cheque from Amazon but they taxed half of it and my bank will probably charge the same amount for cashing it but at least it looks pretty.  LOL.  Looking for upsides in everything right now.  *Cheesy grin*  Really need to sort out the tax thing.  Next year.  *Nods*

I need to move somewhere warm and nice, oh, and cheap.  Any suggestions?

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