Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two for One Ebook Special & a Ramble

Well, um, my Indie Picks 2010 received quite a bit of unexpected interest.  I made an Amazon list too, if anyone is interested.

Christmas Deals!  Naomi Kramer (author of Dead(ish) and Maisy May series) organised a wee indie sale.  For more info on the two for one ebook special offer, check out the link to the Amazon forums.  She's also setting up a new indie website called Indie Writes so she is a busy lady right now.

A lot of people are talking about Amazon censorship (again) because erotica titles are slowly being removed from Amazon.  More importantly, the books are being deleted from the archives of customers who have bought them.  Bad move, Amazon.  Didn't we hear this record before?  Not sure why they're taking this road but it doesn't look like it's going to have a happy ending.  FYI, I couldn't give a crap what the content is - deleting books from archives without prior warning is idiotic, particularly because it's been done before so Amazon should know better.  I would like to think it's a big misunderstanding - particularly because it's a drastic difference to their recent line of no censorship - but if they're weeding out titles then every writer has something to worry about.  *Waits for the next bombshell.*

In better news, on Friday, my youngest daughter turns five months (woohoo, my lickle-ist chubster) and my first Kindleboards Book of the Day ad will run.  I'm strangely scared.  Also, I've started writing short stories again (picture angelic choirs singing Hallelujah), so that's a huge relief.  It's a nice balance to the fluffy stuff - for my brain, at least.

Ten days to Christmas Eve!  *Feels sick*

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