Monday, May 10, 2010

So Little Time

I've meant to do so much over the last few days but I've gotten bogged down by so many other things that I'm literally grabbing a few minutes to make an obligatory post.  I've been writing two versions of the same story because I can't choose a path which is ridiculous.  And time consuming.  Besides the fact I'm now doubting both versions.  *Swears*  My kids are sick and I've to deal with persistantly annoying people who want my time.  I wish I could put a do not disturb sign on my entire life right now.  Or press a pause button.  That would do.  In the next two months I have to decorate my house, get my hospital bag ready and finish at least one bloody thing.  I've developed a bad habit of picking up my ereader whenever I get a moment to spare which isn't helping me get anything finished.  And I seem to have a bit of a short story block, I can't get my mindset away from novel length. 

Anyway, the last short story competition on boards is over.  Two stories I liked came first and second.  Next one is now on.  The contest this time is to take Cinderella and do your worst (or best) to her.  Nice variation.  Very keen on seeing what people come up with.  I think June 1st is the closing date, same rules apply as before.

Also, congrats to everyone on the 50 top rated indie authors list.  It isn't a comprehensive list because of some other top selling list that has other top rated books on it but still, well done to all.  There are a few I'm now keen on checking out.  As if my TBR list needs to get any bigger.

I've been keeping up on the blogs on my feeder and found a lot of useful editing tips that I must link to when I get a chance.  There's always some other trick to tightening up your writing.  Feel free to share yours.

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