Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Review - Red Adept

I didn't post yesterday down to missed hospital appointments, fingers slammed in doors and chewing gum stuck in long hair.  After that eventful day, I was shocked terrified delighted to receive an email from Red Adept letting me know that a review for my book would be posted today.  Now, I'm an adult but I'm not afraid to admit I had nightmares all night long about it.  It would be my first review, on an odd bunch of stories and posted on the Red Adept blog - that's nervewracking! 

Imagine how much of a high I'm on right now after reading this cracker of a review.  I mean, come on, am I still dreaming?  There is so much talk online about the importance of reviews that I have to admit I've been nervous.  I've had dreams about it - I realise I've gotten 20 reviews over night but they are all 1 star, you suck deals.  My sub-conscious is mean. 

I apologise if this is all an incoherent babble but I'm extremely over-excited this morning and need to share it or I'll spontaneously combust.  *Happy Dance*


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