Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Short Story Competition - Voting Time

The entries to the second short story competition on the creative forum of boards.ie are up and ready to be judged.  Book depository are donating prizes to the winner so make your votes count.  Anyone who votes must also leave a comment, this can be what you thought of all of the stories or just the one/s you voted for.

Voting closes next Monday morning, the 10th of May.  There are 13 entries of around 1,000 words so that is plenty of time to get the reading cap and the judgy pants on.

The story outline was as follows: 

Jude sits on a plane, midflight. In Jude's jacket pocket is a piece of paper containing details that will change Jude's life forever. The plane's intercom pings and the captain makes an announcement

Writers could follow the outline as loosely as possible.  These contests look like they are going to be a monthly deal as long as the interest is there so please support our creative boardsies.

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