Friday, May 28, 2010

1700 words so far today and it is still early so I have lots of time to get more down.  I usually write at night but I wanted to beat yesterday's word count.  Competing against myself really works for me, thats how sad I am.  I'm planning on doing some plotting - The Other Side of the Story has another good post on this - and then seeing how much of a first draft I can get through.  I have a bad habit of plotting in my head (I like to do things in my head but just like Maths, you sometimes need to look back at the rough work to see where it all went wrong) so I'm trying to get into writing some things down to compare notes with later on when I have a draft down.  Am all excited about writing again, she says with a sigh of relief.  :)

It seems to be a good week for indies all round.  There are a few indies on the top paid bestsellers list in the Kindle store.  Vicky Tyley's Thin Blood is at number 14 while D.B. Henson showed a screenshot on their blog of them sitting at number 36 just ahead of Stephen King with their book Deed to Death.  (I'm sure there are more.)  Ruth Ann Nordin is currently number two on the bestseller charts on Kobo Books with her book An Inconvenient Marriage.  Rumour has it she hit the number one spot earlier so who knows what can happen next.  These aren't the only good news stories lately and we all have different ideas of what being successful means but I get such a kick out of seeing indie names on bestseller lists alongside big name authors. 

ETA:  JA Konrath has a much better post on Indie Kindle Success Stories.  Check out the list if you're looking for something to read.

Also, I'm not sure what's happening but I was able to download free books on Kindle today.  99c books seem to be around 16-18c higher now and the international wireless transfer charge seems to have disappeared completely.  I have no idea if it is a glitch, a mistake or a temporary boon but yay for free books.

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