Thursday, May 13, 2010

Falling Behind and Catching Up Again

I haven't been keeping up with my to-do list.  I said I wanted to do an outline, a first draft and a decent revision of a WIP in the next 8 weeks.  I keep "almost" passing out which exhausts me so I've been sleeping a lot more than normal which hasn't helped.  However, after yesterday's episode, I slept so much I ended up being awake for a good few hours after everyone went to bed and got a few chapters done.  Hoping to do the same tonight.  I'm back on track with the revision, I may even manage to finish it tonight.  I haven't looked at the first draft in a while.  The outline isn't happening.  But one out of three isn't, well, it isn't good but it's better than nothing. 

I finally broke my short story block by throwing together some flash fiction.  I was only able to truly get stuck into my revisions once I did this.  It was such a relief.  I wasn't having a full on writer's block but I was definitely having trouble getting started.  I sat down with one sentence in mind and forced myself to write a short story.  Once I started, that was it, I couldn't stop so moved onto the WIP and got a lot of work done.  Very proud of myself.  I thought of some new "rules" for my first draft - really liking the world I'm seeing.  I even made out my hospital bag list - something I've been avoiding for ages.  The only thing I still can't do is come up with some decent baby names but I'm on a productive streak right now so who knows what will happen next.  I figure if I keep praising myself I'll stay on track this time.  :)

Now if my neighbours would stop having a ridiculous drunk argument outside their door then I might actually get some work done.  Nice Stylistics ring tone, sir, but please STFU.  Thanking you.

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