Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ROW80 Round Two Sign Up

Round two of ROW80 begins on April 4th, so don't forget to sign upRead the goals of the participants here.

I have to list my goals and I'm trying to learn my lessons from last time.  I'll set some goals for the whole round and then choose specific goals for April.  I'm sure I'll change my goals along the way but there are certain things I'd like to aim for.  I'm currently editing Taunt so any goals for April will begin on April 4th.  School holidays will start soon after round two ends so I'm going to try and pack in as much as possible into this round before I have to go live outside for a few months.  :)

Round Two - Main Goals:
  • Write (and finish) first draft of Tempt
  • Work on untitled WIP
  • Edit Soul
  • Edit Taunt
  • Outline a project
  • Complete a short story

Round Two - April Goals:
  • Aim for 10,000 words a week
  • Work on first draft of Tempt
  • Edit Soul - a full read through taking notes, then one chapter a day
  • Complete a short story
The first round went well for me; I really enjoyed it, I loved seeing what everyone else was getting up to.  We all have different goals but still have so much in common and it was a really positive experience. This time I'm upping the word count goal because I can do more with the free time I have and I'm hoping I can learn to edit without letting everything else grind to a halt just because editing sucks the life out of me.  :) 

Looking forward to round two, hope to see everyone again as well as some new faces.  :)


  1. Good luck with your goals! This is my first time participating in ROW80 and I hope to make progress with my WIP.

  2. Wow Claire, you're really going for it this round, best of luck and I'll see you at the mid week check in.

  3. Very ambitious goals, but I've no doubt you'll accomplish them and I look forward to watching your progress and reading the fruits of it.

  4. Thanks all. I'll probably fail miserably but at least I'll keep trying. ;)

    Welcome to the team Ghenet - I hope you enjoy it!

  5. Once again I am amazed and in awe of your goals! Can't wait to see your progress this round!

  6. 10,000 words a week is a great goal. Good luck with it and all of your other goals.

  7. all the best there with your goals - keep smiling

  8. 10K words a week?!?? You can do it! Cheering you on for round 2.

  9. Ambitious goals, especially in the face of that dreaded, four-letter "E" word. ;) Good luck!

  10. More words mean I get Ava's adventures even faster! Go!

  11. Good luck with your ROW80 goals Claire.

  12. Good luck with this round! It's nice to see familiar faces mixed in with the newcomers!

    Melanie (used to be Madison Leigh, but I have finally been able to cut the strings from my pen name!)

  13. Good Writing this round! The great thing about this challenge is that you CAN change your goals to work for your life/lifestyle. BTW: How do I get my blog like yours with the "Blogs I Read" scroll?

  14. Wow, quite the list of goals you've got! Best of luck with this round, and I'm looking forward to having as much fun as I'm hearing everyone had last time around!

  15. Hi popped over to answer you - - it depends really on what you want and how badly you need help.

    it starts by highlighting all overused words, repeated words tells how many and reccomends how many to try and get rid off ie
    'was repeated 20 times remove apprx 4'
    then there is a page that picks out overuse of cliches -
    another one gives a breakdown of sentence length so gives word count per sentence in a list so you can see if there is an good mix of long /short and alerts you to any above 30 words (quite a long sentence - not saying any is wrong thats up to author

    Theres one with repeated phrases
    another gives phrasing which shows alternation of action/passive paras - should be a mix but again its up to you.

    reading score

    and a summary of repeated words, phrases and overused - this page I copy and paste back into my word programme as I cant print it out on the one I've bought.

    I've you want to see what the summary sheet looks like I could e-mail you one of mine or there is a tour you can take on the autocrit site

    Bear in mind I need a lot of help - you may not. But if nothing else it shows sentence length and phrasing and reading stats which is always helpful

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