Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Pukeworthy

Firstly, sorry to the ROW80ers I haven't visited yet.  I'm moving - slowly - forward.  A plague descended upon my house again; the day after ROW80 ended, I found myself drowning in kid vomit - gave myself the most awful mental image there, that wouldn't be a good way to go.  (BTW, the sickness began after one of the twins locked the entire family into a bedroom - scariest fifteen minutes of my life).  I'm not used to kid vomit, despite having five kids.  Sex education should involve cleaning up kid puke, just saying. 

I've missed lots of news online, apparently.  Much writerly drama about trad and indie and people crossing over and everyone having an opinion and *snore*, sorry.  Then much amusement and cringing and eye-rolling over an indie flipping the lid over a bad review on a blog I subscribe to - except the review itself wasn't even that bad.  It's like the blogging version of the American Idol/X-Factor tryouts up in here sometimes. 

However, as much as I detest writers complaining about reviews (it's like picking a scab, leave it alone people), I felt bad by the end because there are lots of relatively more successful writers who have acted much the same (and worse) on their Amazon reviews yet managed to get away with it without a score of one star reviews popping up.  I keep rewriting and deleting what I was about to say next so I'll leave it there, I think.

After reading a lot of nastiness, I got to the blog of Sean Sweeney/John Fitch V.  He's trying to make a sales goal of 350 copies this month and needs 19 more sales to reach that.  After all of the negative dramaz, the air needs some good karma so if anyone would like to help a writer out, his books are priced from 99c.


  1. Oh, man. Plague. I agree, sex-ed Needs more vomit. I actually kind of wish someone could've taped my emergency c-section - you'd have kids swearing off sex for life with how, um, interesting, that was!

    The literary drama sounds exhausting - who the heck has that kind of energy? Or, is that the leftover angst from the process of writing - I guess it has to go somewhere....

    So....what was the outcome for the twins? One word.


    (take care!)

  2. *Giggles* I missed a trick there, I could have taped all of my children's births and forced them to watch them all - with their boyfriends/girlfriends.

    It was just one of the twins. He took the key out of the lock and couldn't figure out which key fit back in, or which direction to turn it. Thankfully, he was eventually able to free us all instead of running amoc while we couldn't stop him. :D 'Twas scary though! We were so relieved to be free that he got away with it. ;)

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