Friday, March 4, 2011

Nowt On Da Telly

You know when I'm blogging about pointless things that I'm not working.  :)  I'm sick this week so am working the bare minimum and catching up on mindless entertainment.  I don't regularly watch much television; if I like something, I'll watch it online whenever I have time and overdose on an entire season's worth.  I like reality shows that revolve around singing, dancing, cooking, weight-loss, all kinds of crap like that.  They're pretty much never-ending which is great for me because I hate anything to end. 

I still mourn the loss of Buffy and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle the end of Supernatural and Big Love.  What the hell am I going to watch next?

By the way, how toe-curlingly delicious was the meta episode of Supernatural?  Loved it.  It was hilarious; for me, it's up there with the silent, musical, and alternate reality episodes of Buffy. I'm so glad Supernatural didn't end last season, purely for the meta episode. 

Big Love has gone a bit apeshit over the last two seasons or so but I will definitely miss it.  It's such a cracking concept, I can't imagine anything replacing it.  It's fascinated me from the very first episode.  It wasn't on telly over here at the time, my OH randomly bought me the season 1 box-set and I watched the next two seasons online that week.  *Is obsessive*

That's the problem though, great series never get replaced by something better. 

Nothing replaced Buffy for me.  Buffy kicked off 14 years ago (um, wow) and there has never been another program that has come close it.  I did everything I could to see every new episode of Buffy every single week - even through the boring Riley bits.  I was a teenager, I grew up on Buffy, but I didn't have control of the remote, put it that way.  When I was 16, I wasn't even living at home so it was pretty hard to get that station on the screen at the right time.  I'm laughing now, but it was sooooo important to me then, there was a weird kind of desperation to make it in front of that screen at 8pm on a Thursday (for some seasons), to get my sweaty little hands on that remote control before my mother and her boyfriend could.  And that's not even getting into the reruns.

I even watched Angel, just in case the Buffy characters showed up.  Which they did on occasion, which made me squeeful.  I quite liked Angel until the Connor/Cordy stuff, although I enjoyed the Doyle episodes the best.

I'm pretty loyal when I like something though; I stuck with Heroes til the incredibly shitty end.  I'm still astonished by how it went from something fun and exciting to dull and ridiculous.  Every episode I would watch and wait for it to get good again.

I watched Buffy, Charmed, anything even vaguely paranormal but they all ended.  Supernatural seemed like the meth option and I ended up loving it too.  I feel like there's never going to be anything I'll love again - suggestions please?  It's the same with books.  Jane Eyre's been my absolute favourite by a few miles for so long that I can't imagine ever loving anything else as much.  That's kind of dreary really, feeling like you'll never find anything better.  I watched Buffy, and read Jane Eyre, in my teens, maybe it's just being an adult that limits an obsessive love for something?  :D

By the way, it's my indieversary tomorrow so expect another boringly bloated blog posting from moi.  ;)


  1. Hope you feel better swiftly. I don't think a week goes by that my wife and I don't remark to each other about how much we miss Buffy. I wish I had another program similar to it to recommend, but there's just isn't.

  2. It's amazing how many people feel the same way about Buffy, imagine writing something that connects with so many people like that.

    Also, I'm really disappointed with the idea of a new Buffy film that doesn't involve any of the Buffy series cast or Joss Whedon. >(


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