Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Read an Ebook Week

Check-in:  Worked on outlines for Tempt and STS.  Added to a short story.  Visit the rest of the crew here.

When I say outline, I basically mean I've written what amounts to a synopsis.  Sometimes I'll get an idea and expand upon it but usually, my outlines are pretty high-level and detail-sparse.  I have a rough outline for both Tempt and STS (aka the fae novel, couldn't keep calling it that :/) but that's the easy part and both are very bare.

I think I've settled into a POV in STS now.  I read the part I wrote last April and it was really bad.  Awful.  Embarrassing.  I would have ditched the whole idea except I then found the stuff I wrote last October and it was much better, plus I really like the voice.  I don't remember writing it, I don't remember where I was going with it but I like it so I'll let it stay.  There's a reason why I haven't finished that particular story (aside from snowflaking it until it bored me to tears) but I'll save that for another post.

I'm very excited about Tempt (Ava Delaney #3).  I already knew the major plotline for this one while I was still writing the first book, but the end of Taunt (#2) led me to an even bigger one.  I have a feeling the ending will differ greatly from the outline - I can't wait!  As a sequel to Thirst (#1), Taunt was unexpected and a good chunk of it runs very differently to Thirst but Tempt kind of goes back to where Thirst was headed.  Originally, it was supposed to be a trilogy, (Thirst, Tempt and Taste) but when I first tried to write Tempt, I realised it wasn't the next part of the story.  I'll be taking a step back when this one is done, to figure out the exact order of the other books, there's at least three more.  'Tis all very confusing.  :D

Last night we celebrated my indieversary.  LOL.  I felt like it was a big enough deal to warrant a min-celebration.  And now it's time for Read an Ebook Week.  Go.  Run.  There's a lot of freebies and good deals on ebooks for a week so go find them!  I'm participating on Smashwords and so are many others.


  1. You have lots of ideas to work with. I've done that too with pieces of a story - written something (my handwriting on the paper) and haven't a clue where or when.

    Like the names of your books. Happy aniversary!

  2. You've been quite busy, and I applaud you!

    Lots of good stuff to incorporate into your various projects.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Here's my ROW 80

  3. I admire anyone working on more than one book at time - I have to keep new books back behind a fence in my head - they are in a paddock with plenty of creative grass to chew on but not allowed out till WIP is done - so well done you

  4. You're still going as strong as ever. Looks like you're writing an epic. Best of luck.

  5. "Snowflaking it until it bored me to tears" - Yup!! And that's why I rarely do an outline unless it's very high-level (mine are so high level they cover beginning, conflict, resolution, and maybe one or two major events I know have to happen. I outline as I write--once I've written a chapter, I log the major events of the chapter in a spreadsheet. Then I can go back later and determine if it's necessary, how it drives the plot, and if I've been fairly even with POV between the characters. Once the book is done, I can build an outline that will please even the most picky NY agent. Well, maybe. LOL

    Congrats on your indieversary! Mine will be next year in time for eWeek. WOOT!

  6. Thanks all - I'm not really getting a lot done, I'm just excited. :)

    Alberta, I wouldn't usually but I'm trying new things this year. ;)

    Sharon, tell me about it! I can't do anything with detailed plots, no matter how much I try. I never stick to the original idea anyway. I type up chapter summaries after I've finished the first draft, that's about as organised as it gets around here. I'm trying to be more organised but it's kinda boring. :D

  7. Sounds like your making great progress. Congrats on your indieversary!

    My post is up now.

  8. Well done on the Indieversary! I find that outlines can be helpful, though I've only really managed to do one for one of my works in progress. They're useful to have as a guideline for when I stumble across plotholes, but I too end up deviating substantially from them a lot of the time hehe

  9. Thanks Robin and Rebecca.

    I like to have a guideline sometimes but when I get too deep into the details I get bored before I even start the story and every word becomes painful.


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