Friday, February 4, 2011

Knock 123

I can't stop listening to this song today.  It's a perfect writing playlist song for a certain WIP. 

I love Imelda May. Most of her stuff is rockabilly and she's from the same area as me - the Liberties is full of untapped talent, just sayin . . . .  I don't know her personally but I'm a big fan and I always like to hear a familiar accent on interviews.  :)  I honestly don't know why she isn't blazing the charts on a regular basis. This needs to be rectified. 

I'm so tired of sexified (to the point of caricature) female singers.  It's not original anymore to keep pushing the limits.  If you have to try that hard . . . :/  Why not try something like, I don't know, a singing voice good enough to stand on its own? 

Another amazing lady is Adele.  Listen.  Watch.  Be blown away. 

My laptop went insane yesterday and lost all of my work from the day before so I spent yesterday catching up and now I'm entirely unmotivated.  Hence this post.  I'm going to watch the Lightning Thief with the family now and maybe later I'll think about forcing myself to do some work.  :)

Have a great weekend!

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