Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cleopatra, Coming At Ya

This is me procrastinating.  I haven't written a non-ROW80 post in an age. 

I'm on the fence about some stuff . . . again.  Kinda sorta thinking about doing something I haven't considered before.  Two or three things, actually.  They could benefit me in the long term but in the short term, would definitely get in the way of what I'm doing right now.  I hate being a grown-up sometimes.

Other news.  In January (by the way, how awesome was January for ebook sales?  People don't read anymore, really?), my OH challenged me to accomplish a certain something by my birthday in March.  Managed it on the 1st of February so I earned myself a new desk.  Hell to the yeah.  I work well on rewards, I like the pretties.  :)

Speaking of pretties, I gots mah hair did last night.  Four hours of sitting around doing nothing.  I hate getting my hair done which is why it's a rarity.  If I had to actually go to a hairdressers, I'd just stay home and learn how to do it myself.  Anyway, by 11pm, I had a bob, black and (Rihanna) red hair plus my first fringe in about thirteen years.  Bloody hell, that takes some getting used to. 

Interesting post on DWS's blog today - comparing the cash flow of indie and trad publishing.  And while you're at it, here's one from Camille LaGuire.  I meant to link to it before but it's a good one for those who are wondering why all of these "crappy" books are selling so well.  Though not exactly connected, this reminds me, I recently read a review that basically implied the reviewer normally had trouble reading books and that particular book was written so simply that (even) they were able to read and enjoy it.  A lot of writers look down their nose at simplicity, at "lesser" writing, but I think that's an amazing review.

Sometimes we forget that not all readers are the same or have the same reading level/wants/needs.  Maybe one of the reasons why people haven't seemed to read as much over the last few decades is because there hasn't been books for them.  Some of us become writers to write the things we want to read.  We only have to do that if the need isn't being supplied.  For whatever reason, there are those who want simple, uncomplicated styles of writing that allow them to easily enjoy a book - to be entertained in a non-taxing way.  Others want more dense and thought provoking books.  Some want a mixture of both. 

The point is, there's a place for all kinds of literature and certain books become popular for a reason - usually because the writer knows (and finds) their audience.


  1. Claire, you should do more of these non ROW80 posts. Great points raised about reader expectations.

    And congrats on the new desk!

  2. Incentives, I love incentives. I think reader's expectations change as they get older too. At least mine did. Simple books have their place. However, I'd like to hope future generations won't be brought up on a steady diet of the easy books.


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