Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bye-Bye Greens

Check-in:  Less than 4 weeks to go!  Haven't kept track of word count this time but I've definitely hit my target.  Send some force to the other participants here.

Since last check-in, I've started a short story and gone through Taunt.  I'll admit I've been putting it off out of sheer terror.  I knew the last third in particular was extremely sloppy - which is why it required a rewrite.  I read through it this week, making notes and creating chapter summaries, figuring out what later info was missing from the first half and vice versa.  I completely forgot a huge chunk of the story so it was like reading something someone else had written - always fun!  It's been a lot less painful than I expected although the pacing is a bit off-balance.  I went back to the rewrite, it's going well and should be finished before the next check-in.  I'm aiming for it to be done and dusted tomorrow but now I've said that, I'm going to attract distractions.

I'm a little distracted this weekend anyway because the tallying of the votes are going on.  Not over yet but nearly there.  The Green Party have been wiped out.  Fianna Fáil aren't doing much better than Sinn Féin - that must be killing them.  The least popular government in our history is gone, leaving behind such a mess that I pity anyone taking over.  Looks like Fine Gael will have to invite someone into bed with them.  I keep remembering how, when I was growing up, everyone laughed at Enda Kenny and said he'd never make Taoiseach and yet here he is, on the brink.  This government will likely be harsher on families so I better hurry up and write that bestseller already.  ;)


  1. I can understand the sheer terror feeling quite well hehe After I'd dealt with some outline issues, I realised that much of what I've written is now obsolete. Cue minor writerly breakdown lol Seems like you're in the home stretch; well done :)

  2. I'm dreading the rewriting stage. But it sounds like you're nearly at the finish line, Keep pushing forward.

  3. Sympathies on all that terror; compliments on having the will to face it. I think the dread is worse than the reality,l even with that out of body writing experience.

    I have to ask - is the likely victory of Fine Gael a good thing or not?

  4. Great progress on the rewrite. Looks like Taunt is coming together for you. Hope you all fare well under the new gov.

  5. I pity any government taking over the mess the world seems to be after the finacial disaster of vouple years back - not one of them will be able to restructure the bankruptcy without impinging ina dreadful way on us - and having to cosy up to political enimies well it's going on over here also

    Anyway good your'e on target and well done.

  6. LOL Rebecca, I've had so many of those writerly meltdowns that I think I'm getting used to it. Once you get stuck, it gets easier - it's the facing something that sounds overwhelming that's the biggest problem.

    Katy, you'll do fine. It isn't as scary as it sounds. :)

    Hey Ben, it's more that it probably can't get much worse than what came before. They're having coalition talks with Labour and I feel like it might work. I hope it will amount to something good.

    Thanks Cathryn!

    Alberta, yep, it's not looking great for anyone right now. Ireland's been particularly badly managed for years, but hopefully the past mistakes won't be repeated.


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