Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Check-In Time

Check-in:  I've written 8k since the last check-in post.  Have a goo at the rest of the ROW80ers here.

And while you're at it, check out the cover love my novella sucked up on All of Everything.  I saw this and was happy, the end.

I've written 5k on one WIP - a short one that is now completed - and 3k on another.  Yesterday, I realised I've been writing every day.  Getting back into the habit of writing regularly was the biggest part of this for me so I'm very happy that I'm getting past my biggest obstacle - laziness.  :D  The words came really easy this week, it's like someone whispered the story in my ear, I wrote waaaay faster than usual.  I don't expect it to keep up, especially because we might have a house guest this week.  On the other hand, I haven't been spending as much time online - it's like I don't know what to do online all of a sudden.  Not really a bad thing, I suppose.
On the home front, I'm the worst mother in the world this week - the baby had an ear infection and I didn't even realise until I saw gunk coming out of her ear.  I thought she was teething, poor little bubba.  Five kids before we get an ear infection and I don't even notice - I'm supposed to be the eagle eye worrywart around here. 

My other lady went to the hospital to get her bandage changed and had her first physio session.  Physio went really well, although it was only for her hands.  The skin is a little tight but should be okay as long we do the exercises with her every day.  They cancelled the appointment with the occupational therapist because her stomach hasn't had a chance to heal enough to scar and her hands are fine. 

Her stomach - she was really upset getting her bandage changed and they were close to admitting her again but in the end they sent her home.  It's healing away and we're back in next week for another bandage change but no more physio for a while.  She was upset this morning because her big brother was off to school, I think she's bored without him because the twins are more of the rough and sweet sneaking but less of the fun big kid game playing.  Going to have to break out the arts and crafts a bit more this week.  Yeah, glitter.  Woo.  Hoo.

This week, my family is mourning the loss of our favourite act on Got to Dance.  We love dancing shows, so what?  :D  I feel really bad for these lads because they were separate acts that got forced into being a duo because the judges couldn't choose between them - they have different styles, it must have been hard for them. *Gets attached to people she's seen on the telly for two minutes way too easily*  Dude in the Red was amazingly shit-hot in his solo audition.  Dude in the Blue was great too but DitR got more of an OMFG, how is he doing that kind of reaction.


  1. Sounds like you're flying through the challenge. I think any sort of infection is hard to spot until it becomes visible hopefully she'll make a swift recovery now.

  2. Hey Katy, she seems fine now. I think I noticed when it was already past the worst of it. Typical. :)

  3. You are doing awesome! The Machina rides again! :)
    Jeez, I had an ear infection I didn't know about until I saw stuff coming out of my ear. How are you supposed to tell when it's someone else's head, if I can't even realize it with my own?
    I also get really attached to people on reality dancing shows, Survivor, and The Amazing Race.
    Yay glitter!

  4. Stacey, I had an ear infection when I was pregnant with the twins. I didn't even know adults got ear infections. LOL! I thought I was going to die, or kill someone, with the pain. Don't know how kids deal with it. :)

    My house is permanently covered in glitter, holographic stickers and crayon. Some day I'm going to have a grown up house and I'll miss these days. :D

  5. Wow, what a GREAT week you had, writing-wise. Good for you. And that cover is made of super awesomeness.

    SYTYCD is my must see fave.

  6. Thanks Claire :D

    Anything with singing or dancing fascinates me these days, maybe because I can do neither. :)

  7. Yeah for writing everyday. Love it when it all flows. the writing that is. Sorry to hear the babe has an ear infection. My son is prone to those as well. Yes, definitely break out the glue and glitter. That'll keep her occupied.

    My post is finally up.

  8. Right there with you, Robin ;-) Claire, I let the ear thing happen with my son too - and what the doc said is that babies get really happy at the ear-draining part, because the pressure gets relieved - so if you mistook the ear pain for teething pain (natural mistake to make)the ear gunk is the ONLY symptom to see. And you saw it, so, yeah. All is good ;-) Good luck with your 4 yr old, I'm sure her stomach will keep coming along.

    And GO YOU! on writing every day!!! You are Quite the hero!!!

  9. All of Everything is correct. Your book has a rocking cool cover! :)

  10. So I'm thinking, Claire "Foxfire" Farrell as your name. Foxes are girly and very cunning. And you're on fire with these last few updates. If this doesn't work, I'll have to resign from the naming business.

  11. Thanks Robin, I'll pop around later. ;)

    @Shari, thanks as always. :) I think she was fine when the ear drained, the worst was over because she got back to her normal self almost straight away.

    Thanks so much, Judith!

    @ Andrew - I love foxes, they're one of my favourite animals. Not sure I'm cunning but it's a lot better than the machine so I'll take it. :D


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