Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaNo Day 5: Sleep-Writing

Total Word Count: 16,165

My OH has this incredibly annoying habit of falling asleep during conversations.  Can sit up all night playing WoW but talk?  ZZzzzz.  Even more annoying is his ability to carry on these conversations . . . while asleep.  We'll be chatting and he'll say something completely off the wall and I'll know that's it, I've lost him.  He's no Sleep Talkin' Man but it is amusing to watch him wake up wondering what the hell he was saying - he always looks so guilty.  :D

I've been known to answer phones and reply to text messages while asleep.  I was really tired, okay?  I've a tendency to sleep-walk so it makes sense that I'll answer a phone ringing by my ear, right?  Luckily, nobody rings me anymore and I rarely use a mobile anyway.  But recently, I've been finding myself working on my WIP in my sleep.  I'm writing away, then my eyes close but my fingers keep moving.  Then I wake up with a start, see I've written an extra paragraph and spend the next ten minutes trying  to work out -

a) what the hell I was trying to say
b) where the hell I left off
c) when the hell it stopped making sense

Sometimes it isn't half bad.  LOL.  I can see where I was going with it and it makes sense, I just don't remember where I got the idea from. 

So if I ever post a weird ass (weirder than usual) item on my blog, chances are I was asleep doing it.

That's my excuse sorted.  ;)

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