Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNo Day 4: Konrath Helping Indie Authors

Total Word Count to date: 12,013 (Oh, yeah, uh-huh)

Recently, JA Konrath and Blake Crouch asked for help.  They came to Kindleboards (the place to be-ee) and asked us to buy their book, Draculas.  In return, Blake would buy one of our books and Konrath would link to us on his blog.  Did they do it?

Yes, and uh, hell yes.  In his latest blog post (there's even detailed descriptions), Konrath links to all of the indies who took up the offer.  This isn't the first time Konrath's done this and it's always cool to see a community effort.  The great thing about Kindleboards is the way people help it each other, we may be independent but we can move mountains together.  ;)

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