Friday, June 4, 2010

Suicidal Cats et al

It's been a nice week so far, apart from my cat giving me a nervous breakdown by jumping out of the window to sit on the window ledge.  I'm afraid he'll get excited by a bird flying by and do a flying ninja kick thus losing one of his nine lives.  He's been strangled by twin 1 so often that he might only have one life left.  Maybe it's things like dimple faced strangling toddlers that are making him sit on the ledge and peer down like he wants to jump.  The birds freak out when they see the cat and do that warning signal thing at like 5 in the morning.  Can't close the window because it is so hot (yay) and the committee would freak if I put up a mesh thingy so I'm tense as feck trying to kick him out of the room at all hours.  Shithead cat. 

Aside from the cat drama, this week I have been obsessively listening to Katie Melua's The Flood and lusting after some Ilamasqua nail varnish.  I want unusual opaque colours that last longer than an hour, damnit!  Never been a fan of Katie Melua but I cannot stop listening to that song and it was about time something pipped Adam Lambert - been overplaying For Your Entertainment for far too long.  Watched the trailer to Eclipse (isn't it funny how the main main main character is barely featured in the trailer?) and am planning on reading the free novella soon to be posted by Meyer - I know, so sue me!  Missing Supernatural badly and sad to see Heroes is finally gone despite the fact it was pretty much run into the ground after a class start to life.  I see a disturbing pattern emerging in my interests.

Back to me, me, me - I've been working on a first draft.  It's a lot of fun and may never be fit for human consumption but I'm enjoying myself and getting words down so I'm happy enough.  I've also started another edit of a full manuscript because I'm ordering a free proof copy of it this month.  I know the copy won't be perfect but I don't want to waste a freebie and testing out Createspace will give me something writerly to blog about for a change.  I've been meaning to talk about how Apple and others are trying to bypass their distributors but some things are bothering me about it and I need to consider it some more.  One thing that is annoying me is how one of the requirements for Apple is a tax number.  I have no problem with the tax number thing - if only it was simple to get one.  Amazon's method doesn't seem to be foolproof and on Smashwords you have to have a balance of ten dollars to even start the process.  Considering it took me a couple of months to get my first paying sale on Smashwords, it might take a while to qualify.  :)

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