Thursday, June 17, 2010


I had a bit of a false alarm yesterday so didn't schedule the post I planned for today.  I'm so over being pregnant but I was still praying nothing would happen until I reached 37 weeks.  That's today, technically classed as full term so bring it on baby.  Even a day beforehand and they make a big deal out of it so anytime now is fine with me.  Better charge my ereader just in case!

I'll get the other post done as soon as I can/feel like it but I wanted to update from the last post and note that method for hyperlinking table of contents seems to work well.  I could only download the samples onto my pc application for Kindle but the links were all clickable so yay for that option and yay for me learning something new.  Pity it doesn't work for Smashwords too because it's quicker than their preferred method.

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