Friday, June 11, 2010

Initial Submission to Createspace

I've been a bad blogger but I've been busy working on making files for Createspace.  I take part in Nanowrimo every year (and get the code for a free proof copy from Createspace) but this is the first time I've actually followed through on getting a copy ready.  I figured I might as well see how the process works.  I've only ordered the proof today so I have no idea how it will turn out but will update with another post when I know more.

Createspace is annoying for the most part.  Lulu is much easier to use so I read Edward C. Patterson's free book, Are You Still Submitting To A Traditional Publisher?  I read the section on Createspace a number of times and still felt completely confused - it's easier to follow while you're actually going through the steps.  The problem with Createspace is the lack of instructions.  In Ed's book, he recommends setting up the files on Lulu first.  This is because Lulu accepts word documents and turns them into pdfs whereas Createspace only accepts pdfs.  For the clueless (like me) it's actually simpler to use this method.  You download a template in the size book you want, add your text, format it so every chapter starts on an uneven page and you end up with a pretty good representation of what your file should look like.  I think.  :/

Random irritations include the price of delivery on Createspace - for me, it would have been close to $15 whereas the cost of the proof copy would have been under $8 (without the ProPlan option).  Delivery on Lulu worked out at under 4euro but the cost of the proof copy was something like 15euro.  Also annoying was the fact you don't receive an ISBN until after you have uploaded your documents so you have to go back, edit them in Word to add the ISBN, reupload to Lulu, let them transfer the file to a pdf and then upload that file to Createspace.

If/when I find out I've done things correctly, I'll go through a step by step method.  I may think it's all good now but I haven't seen the copy yet so who knows?  My other big problem was the cover.  I ended up using the cover template wizards on both because I have absolutely no clue or understanding how the full cover template thingy works.  Really have to figure out that one - I've found some lovely images if I ever publish that particular book.  I'm looking forward to seeing the proof.  I'm very keen on scoping out the quality and I am dying to see how many typos I found in a different format.  Hopefully it won't be long before I can update on the proof copy from Createspace.

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