Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quick Createspace Update

I uploaded my files to Createspace for review at around midnight - I've no idea what time zone they work in and it was a Thursday night/Friday morning upload so I wasn't expecting anything in a hurry.  The next morning I had an email saying it had been approved.  Again, I had uploaded a basic manuscript and a cover using the cover wizard.  I'm sure making a "real" cover might have been more problematic.  Especially for me.  So, early morning the files were approved.  As soon as I got a chance, I ordered a proof copy.  That afternoon I received an email saying the proof copy had been shipped.  That was super fast in my opinion.  I wasn't expecting it to be sent out until next week due to the weekend. 

I ordered the basic shipping.  They paid for it because of the Nanowrimo code (yay) and it said to expect to wait for up to three weeks for it to arrive.  To have the book delivered within three working days costs over $100 by the way.  That is crazy inappropriate pricing.  It's a little book, not a fecking elephant.  Anyway, I might order a copy from Lulu to compare the quality of the two.  Their delivery rates are much more reasonable although their base price for a copy is higher. 

I'm not sure if I clarified before but what I'm doing here is testing out the services offered by Createspace and Lulu.  The book I've ordered may never be seen by anyone but me - I had a free proof copy waiting for me so I figured I might as well use it to see what all the fuss is about.  I wasn't originally interested in printing books but it is a valid option right now, I think, depending on the quality.  If I can get a decent cover made then I will consider printing my next book as well as uploading it to Kindle and Smashwords.  It doesn't cost anything apart from a proof copy.  On Lulu, you don't even have to be approved, I don't think you need to order a copy but I prefer the idea of somebody checking the formatting for major problems before I buy a proof.  I'm actually a little excited to see how the interior of the book looks.   I shall update again when I receive the book and see what I think of it.

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